Let Your Self-Healing Journey Begin!

The practice of prana breathing has been used in many cultures and on many planes of consciousness over eons of time, and its importance for healing begins to surface at times of great shifts in consciousness. It is time to let this practice come forth in your conscious awareness.

The 5-Breath Self-Healing Meditation uses prana breathing to assist you through the many transitional spaces you will encounter as you evolve from one level of conscious awareness to the next. Through this magnetic form of healing, you will have the opportunity to open all four bodies of consciousness—physical, emotional, mental and spiritual—and actually weave them all together. When you fully comprehend this art of prana breathing and all parts of this meditation, you will feel comfort in the understanding of total self-awareness.

By Kahu Fred Sterling
Founder, Signature Cell Healing

Narrated By Karinna Nielsen
Lead Facilitator