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A Story of Healing

One afternoon after completing six healings, I was told that an emergency case was on the way to see me for a consultation.  I prepared a room and as I finished I saw my friend "M" coming through the door. Following behind her were her husband and young son. I hadn’t seen them for a while, and yet I was sure at a glance that this was the emergency. Her aura was completely dark. I sensed that she was in distress and extremely afraid.

handsheadI immediately took them into the healing room, where she began to weep with a tormenting sadness. Because these were my friends, I found myself welling up with tears without even knowing the problem. When she finally got a hold of herself, the story she told was enough to make anyone feel helpless.

They had just come from the doctor’s office, where she had met with a new doctor because her regular physician was away on vacation. Oh my God, I thought, feeling optimistic, how wonderful that they were finally going to have another baby! I knew they had been working on it for some time.

My good feelings waned as she proceeded to tell me, through her tears, that they were just informed that the baby in her womb had a number of presumably life-threatening problems. A scan and other follow-up procedures showed the presence of a brain tumor. The unborn baby’s heart was not following a rhythm that could sustain life, and the little kidneys did not appear to be functioning.  

The doctor suggested that they abort the baby immediately. That very day would be best, she had been told. So as not to turn this into a book, I will shorten this narrative to the most important parts.

Together, we decided to use Signature Cell Healing™ to see if we could do anything to help this unborn child. First, we created an active weave between mother and baby. We then proceeded to connect it to the father and brother to make sure we had all consciousness on the same path of healing.  

With this done it was time to start working with the little one inside. My first clue came to light when I entered into the cellular consciousness of the child’s mental weave. Here, we discovered a knot of energy, seemingly coming from fear. How could an unborn baby be experiencing fear? The first miracle happened when the little one’s thoughts were revealed to my own thought process. I sensed that, in the blueprint this soul had created for itself, it had created the condition where it didn’t feel it had enough love in its energy pattern to match the love it was receiving from its mother, with her constant nurturing.

This was, believe it or not, an easy process.  I simply wove a pattern of love, such as is usually present in humans, and immediately the little one discovered it had more than enough as it was still carrying the full love of the Creator. As I scanned the head, the knot of energy was already beginning to come apart.  

The next step got a bit more complicated. As I sensed the heartbeat of the child, I could hear no arrhythmic abnormality. It sounded perfect. Not trusting my first feeling (which happens sometimes), I thought of a way to truly test the process. I began to work with the cellular consciousness of the child’s heart and then connected this energy to the mother. At this point I reached the clarity that the baby’s heartbeat was, indeed, completely out of sync with its mother’s. What startled me next was that I received a thought to align the baby’s heartbeat to Mother Earth’s rhythm. To my astonishment it matched perfectly! My challenge, then, was to retune the rhythm of the baby’s heart to match its mother’s rhythm, a situation I had never before encountered.  

So, to accomplish this retuning of the heart, I had to connect the fetus’s thymus gland to the heart muscle and actually block the influence of the Earth Mother’s beat for a short period. The child instantly searched for a closer rhythm and of course chose the human mother.  This would have been okay, except that the mother’s heart rhythm was too slow. Trying something new and using a trinity of touch points, I helped it restore its own level within moments.  

At the family’s next visit to the doctor for a checkup, they discovered that the baby no longer had a brain tumor.  The doctor and lab technicians came to the conclusion that the original X-ray possibly had a spot on it.  Second, the baby’s heart was strong and in perfect rhythm, and the doctor couldn’t find a clue as to why this new heartbeat was so perfect.  

Now, you would have thought this to be enough to cause hope, but no, it was determined that the baby’s kidneys would never function properly, and the medical professionals were still determined to abort the pregnancy. Well, the mother was just as determined to see this little being through to delivery, so back to work we went. As I said, the story is long, so I will bring it to a close by telling you that the child was born a perfectly healthy baby girl and attends church with her family to this day.

Why did I choose to share this healing experience with you?  Mostly because it gladdens my heart that I was there, at that moment with mom, dad and brother to be of service, using all that I had learned.  I was, at that time at the beginning stages of practicing Signature Cell Healing,™ yet had triumphed through sheer determination and faith of will.

I will always be thankful for this experience until the day I leave this plane of consciousness. I pray this story will serve as inspiration for your new journey into healing as you explore this modality for the first time or continue to study with us.  I can say emphatically that it will be well worth your time, money and effort to discover the power of Signature Cell Healing™ for yourself.  Together, I know we can bring about miracles.  

Kahu Fred Sterling

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