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Kahu Fred Sterling, a master medium, master healer, presenter, author and shaman of Native American ancestry, walks between the third-dimensional world of human and the boundless realms of spirit. For more than 30 years, he has been the exclusive medium for Master Guide Kirael, a seventh-dimensional guardian spirit, bringing forth timeless wisdom in the highest light of love and truth.

The scope of Kahu Fred’s work includes the pioneering and teaching of Signature Cell Healing®, a powerful evolutionary self-healing modality with established healing centers and thousands of practitioners around the world. With Master Guide Kirael, he has authored six books of profound insight, available in multiple languages and sold internationally.

Appearing in cities worldwide, Kahu has touched the lives of untold thousands as he passionately delivers the message that peace lies within. His motto is, everything can be healed in love,” and he means it and lives it. His live programs are available on countless audio recordings covering vast spiritual topics.
He is also the founder and senior minister of the Honolulu Church of Light, a spiritualist church in Honolulu, Hawaii, dedicated to creating world peace, and whose core belief is Heal Yourself, Heal the World. Kahu shares his wisdom online through Sunday Healing Services and Internet video webcasts at Kirael.com.

Kahu Maste HealerAs a child, Kahu endured an upbringing of incredible hardship, including life in an orphanage and a succession of six stepfathers. He survived the most abject poverty imaginable to achieve the life of a successful, affluent businessman, only to give it all up at age 42 to follow his spiritual calling, emerging as a pioneering healer and a trance medium of great distinction.

Some people liken Kahu Fred Sterling to Edgar Cayce, a twentieth-century medical clairvoyant who became prolific in giving messages on holistic healing while in a trance-like state. Kahu’s relationship with the wise and loving Kirael has touched and healed the lives of untold thousands across the globe.

In 2006, Kahu survived a major stroke and near-death experience in what has been described as a miracle of love and self-healing using his own modality, Signature Cell Healing. Beginning with healing himself using prana breathing the golden particles of light in the ICU of the hospital to implementing the practices of Signature Cell Healing and ensuing healing sessions, Kahu became perhaps the most profound self-healing story of his own healing modality.

In Kahu’s ever-evolving, self-healing journey since his stroke, he has created the new Signature Cell Healing International workshops with the next levels of sequences and techniques, including the 5 Breath Self-Healing Meditation. This evolution of Signature Cell Healing teaches evolving people to raise their conscious awareness and to navigate the challenges of these shifting times. Throughout it all, Kahu remains humble. He relishes his role as “messenger,” but stresses the importance of the message, not the messenger. “My whole journey in life at this point,” he says, “is to let people see that options are available and to remind them not to get caught up in fear or fall prey to the ‘doom and gloom.’ I want people to find the beauty and light within, and use it to heal themselves and age their souls. Everything can be healed in love.”

*Kahu is a Hawaiian word that equates to “spiritual leader.”

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Signature Cell Healing International
Workshop Team

Thank you for a great presentation! I especially value the acquired knowledge that could be easily applied right after the class. In my experiences with other workshop events, the info was too vague to start practicing. Thus, I am very grateful to you for making it very instructional and easy to follow for your Level 1 students! I look forward to Level 2!

Ana, Hawaii 2018

Since taking the SCH course in Vegas I have been trying to practice Signature Cell Healing but have been finding it difficult to find willing participants. I was begining to get discouraged and was asking spirit for a sign to let me know if I was on the right path with Signature Cell Healing.

Later that day I heard my my neighbor, whom I have known for 10 years, was in the hospital in a medically induced coma after suffering a brain anyuersym. Her son-in-law said that the doctors did not expect a good outcome and they were going to keep her in the coma for about three weeks. Ginny is a kind soul and is the guardian of her two grand kids who are still in grade school.

I sat down that night and did my first long distance Signature Cell Healing. I saw her in the hospital room, but she was above her body looking down. I told her I was going to help and let's heal together. I went through the steps of Signature Cell Healing I had just learned.

Afterwards, I told my boyfriend that if Ginny decides to be a miracle and heal, only he and I will know what really happened. The next day, my boyfriend called and told me, "Ginny woke from her coma on her own, was aware and feeling feisty!" He said the doctors have no answers for what has happened.  I do. Thank You Kahu Fred for sharing the gift of Signature Cell Healing for all who desire to learn and experience healing.

Update: (A couple of weeks later)
I went to visit my neighbor Ginny after she awoke from her coma. 
Her daughter told me she was experiencing more problems with fluid in her lungs. She was also not able to walk. I gave her another long distance healing after visiting her. 

Two days later her family told me her CAT scan on her brain was CLEAN  and her lungs cleared. She has been cleared from the hospital and is now two blocks from home in a rehab center gaining strength so she can walk on her own before she can come home! I am so happy for her!


D. Arthur

"Brother Kahu Sterling's workshop in this area of HEALING with the Golden Life/Light energy ... through the 4 energy bodies and into the T-Cells and Stem Cell activations ... have given me the added confidence to communicate more fully with my clients and students. I am now able to share with others in added clarity and additional scientific/medical terminology to back up the nature of this incredibly natural process. I do not know if I would have intuited such a vast amount of wisdom as this ... on my own. Brother Fred is, a Shaman of Shamans ... indeed. And, SS Healing is a blessings for all." - L/F - The Peaceful One

Little Fox - The Peaceful One
Shamanic Healer of Native Descent, Founder @ Family Gathering International, Star Wisdom Keeper of Mount Shasta, CA

There are more aspects to "Signature Cell Healing" than I ever dreamed possible. The course was a profound experience--surpassing my expectations. Each day brought expanded information and deeper understanding. It truly does encompass all four levels—(physical, emotional, mental and spiritual).

Kahu Fred Sterling is an excellent teacher in all respects. His depth of knowledge, life experiences, passion, and the overlighting of Master Guide Kirael make him so.

I feel very fortunate to have learned this healing modality and will confidently use it to facilitate healing for all who wish to receive it.


Marilyn Jack

As a client, I've benefited from many SCH sessions and am excited and deeply grateful to welcome Kahu, Master Kirael, SCH & team to Sydney in September 2011. In Signature Cell Healing I feel qualities of purity, integrity, grace and simplicity. After each session I've felt enhanced. I'm so looking forward to this workshop, knowing it will significantly add to my "toolbox" and significantly lift my spirit.

Kerry Keogh

My two month old son had a big hematoma on the left side of his head that really took up like half of the left side of his head. The midwife measured it to be about eight by eight centimeters. The pediatrician said that it would take about two months for it to go away. About six days ago, I took my son to see a healer, who was trained in Signature Cell Healing, and she worked on him and it's almost gone. We couldn't believe it.

Jean Chuang Menges

The trip to Lemuria and the [Signature Cell Healing] class was absolutely magical for me. The changes are profound... Guidance flows easier now. It is easier for me to love through my fear veils and just hold lights, like myself and people and trees and animals, in a more limitless Love than I was capable of before. I very much look forward to Level II!

Nathan Stewart
Systems Administrator - University of Georgia

Thank you, thank you, thank you for bringing the Signature Cell Healing course to Phoenix. As two people eager to learn and connect with Spirit, we took this course thinking if we can improve and heal ourselves in any little way... We had no comprehension at that time of the magnitude of love and healing we would experience. No words! We are forever changed.

Cheryl Conway