Certified Signature Cell Healing Practitioners

kahu healing 300x247 - Certified HealersKahu Fred Sterling, Healer, Minister, Medium and Founder of Signature Cell Healing

Kahu Fred Sterling offers both in person and long distance Signature Cell Healings.For more information to book an appointment with Kahu Fred Sterling for a Private Long Distance Healing,  please follow this link .

Karinna vert 225x300 - Certified Healers

Karinna Nielsen, Signature Cell Healing Workshops New Lead Facilitator

For many years, Karinna has embraced Signature Cell Healing as a way of life and through a willingness to age her soul, Kahu Fred Sterling has recognized her consistent soul growth and readiness to take this Lemurian healing modality into its next era of outreach.

Karinna has been studying and working with Kahu and Master Guide Kirael for more than 20 years on an evolving adventure of love, awakening and service to Mother Earth and our great shift in consciousness. She offers in-person healing sessions in Hawaii or long-distance healing sessions wherever you are in the world..

For more information about In-Person and Long distance Private Healing sessions with Karinna, please follow this link.

Certified Signature Cell Healing Practitioners at the Honolulu Church of Light

Gail Healer2 237x300 - Certified HealersGail Jan Kaneshiro

Healing minister, certified Signature Cell Healing practitioner and lead healer at the Honolulu Church of Light.

To request a healing session with a certified practitioner at the Honolulu Church of Light, please click to email.

Patti Healer 237x300 - Certified HealersPatti Athenna Sterling

Signature Cell Healing teacher and personal healer for Kahu Fred Sterling.