1 - Healing Resource SubscriptionsSelf-Healing Resource Bundle

What does a miracle look like for you?

Discover the tools to create miracles in your life. Explore the importance of self-love and new levels of self-healing!

This Self-Healing Resource Bundle of transformative eBooks, audio recordings, inspiring meditations and fascinating videos is not just for those planning on attending a Signature Cell Healing workshop. This is a complete package of digital self-healing resources that will make a difference in anyone’s life!

It’s magical and the self-healing miracle that you’ve been waiting for! 

This Self-Healing Resource Bundle includes:

Signature Cell Healing: Awakening the Chromosomes of Youth and Vitality by Kahu Fred Sterling. Signature Cell Healing Foundation Publishers, 2013. (eBook)

A Guide to the Basic 5 Breath Self-Healing Meditaion by Kahu Fred Sterling (eBook)

The 5 Breath Self-Healing Meditation with Kahu Fred Sterling, narrated by Karinna Nielsen. (Video Guide)

Sanctuary of Inspiration Meditation – A Guided Meditation with Kahu Fred Sterling (Video Guide) includes downloadable Map of Sanctuary of Inspiration (pdf)

The Transformative Power of Signature Cell Healing: Parts 1 & 2 with Kahu Fred Sterling and Master Guide Kirael (Audio MP3s)

Value: $36.00

2 - Healing Resource SubscriptionsThe 5 Breath Self-Healing Meditation Video

Let Your Self-Healing Journey Begin!

The 5-Breath Self-Healing Meditation uses deep breathing of golden particles to assist you through the many transitional spaces you will encounter as you evolve from one level of conscious awareness to the next. Through this magnetic form of healing, you will have the opportunity to open all four bodies of consciousness—physical, emotional, mental and spiritual—and actually weave them all together.

Value: $9.99 USD

5 Breath Self-Healing Meditation Trailer


4.jpg - Healing Resource SubscriptionsSanctuary of Inspiration Meditation Video

Let Kahu Fred Sterling be your guide to the Sanctuary of Inspiration!

Discover a safe space in your life for meditation with this 25-minute guided meditation audio recording with video animation. Includes a downloadable pdf map of the Sanctuary.

You may visit the Sanctuary as often as you wish for inspiration, guidance and healing – or just to feel the presence of love.

This complete meditation experience is a must for those who seek to enhance their meditation practice. Especially recommended for those who want to meditate but are uncertain of the “how-to’s.”

Turn the golden doorknob that takes you on an inward journey, where your dreams unfold – within the Sanctuary of Inspiration.

Value: $9.99 USD

2 - Healing Resource Subscriptions

Breathing for Ascension – Introductory video

Discover and explore the “5 Breath Self-Healing Meditation,” an evolutionary breathing technique for self-healing that we need now with Karinna Nielsen, Signature Cell Healing Lead Facilitator

Are you looking for ways to stay centered in your heart and to move beyond the fears, even as the world around us seems to be coming apart? Is there a way we can focus on self-love and self-healing to help us in our evolutionary process?

Signature Cell Healing is a Lemurian Healing modality with tools and techniques of self-healing that we can use now when we need it more than ever, including the evolutionary “5 Breath Self-Healing Meditation” created by founder, Kahu Fred Sterling.

Enjoy “Breathing for Ascension,” a special instructional video to explore this amazing breathing technique, enhance your practice of self-care and discover how you can integrate it into your daily life.

Value: 19.95 USD