Brynn Foster & Karinna Nielsen

Do you want to consciously create your life experience? What can we learn from the ancient Lemurians about this and why is it important now?
Karinna Nielsen, Lead Facilitator for Signature Cell Healing, spiritual channel and healer offers fascinating insights into consciously creating, Lemurian, healing ourselves and more in conversation with Brynn Foster, Interviewer and Founder of Voyaging Foods.

Marcia Bello & Karinna Nielsen

What is happening in our world now? Is this really the Great Shift? And, what do Lemuria and self-healing have to do with it?
Explore these questions and more in as international healer and teacher, Marcia Bello of Emma Project interviews Signature Cell Healing International lead facilitator Karinna Nielsen in this enlightening conversation with insights, hope and healing messages of love!

The Bowl of Light

Karinna Nielsen relates this timeless story of healing as told by Hale Makua in the book, The Bowl of Light by Henk Wesselman for an audience at the Honolulu Church of Light, the “Home of Signature Cell Healing.”

Lee Carroll

lee carroll - Interviews

About Kahu Fred Sterling

Lee Carrol, an international author and channel for Kryon, is interviewed here by Joe Rumbolo of “Awakening Zone.” In this audio clip, Lee speaks highly of Kahu Fred Sterling and his journey of self-healing with Signature Cell Healing after a massive stroke.

Barry Eaton

barryeaton 150x113 - Interviews

Interview with Kahu Fred Sterling

Barry Eaton, internationally known Australian radio and TV presenter, invited Kahu to be as a guest on his Radio Out There internet based radio program. Listen to Kahu speak about Signature Cell Healing and his events in Australia. 

Cynde Meyer

cynde meyer - Interviews

Interview with Kahu Fred Sterling

Cynde Meyer is a gifted international clairvoyant, Feng Shui Consultant, Rebirther, Nurse, and Reiki Master Teacher. Enjoy this wide-ranging interview with Kahu Fred about Signature Cell Healing, his life journey and more! 

Lori Chaffin

Lead Signature Cell Healing International Facilitator Karinna Nielsen is interviewed by Lori Chaffin of Hawaii Wellness Magazine.

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Dr. Brie Gibbs

As the lead facilitator for Signature Cell Healing workshops, Karinna Nielsen shares some exciting news for the 2020 workshops and this very special Lemurian healing modality as brought forth for our Great Shift in Consciousness by author, master healer. medium and founder of Signature Cell Healing, Kahu Fred Sterling.

Kahu and Kirael – Virtual Light Interview

Thea Boven

Do you want to know how to heal yourself? Watch this video with Karinna Nielsen lead facilitator of the Signature Cell Healing courses and Thea Boven of Lightwave Opleidingen in the Netherlands and discover more!