My Mom’s Healing

By Karinna Nielsen, Signature Cell Healing, Lead Workshop Facilitator

Karinna and Mom Healing 1 - My Mom’s HealingOne day, my mom, who had barely been sick a day in her 80-plus years, sat me down to say that the doctors had found a cancerous tumor on the left side of her pelvis. She had recently “survived” the emotional stress and upheaval of moving from a home she had lived in with my dad for 44 years. They had just moved into a smaller house in a retirement community, and now she was telling me that she had cancer.

“Maybe this is the end of my journey,” she said to me, with a clarity in her eyes that astounded me. “Maybe it is,” I said, “but I’ll walk with you, Mom. If you want to do Signature Cell Healings with whatever treatments you choose, I’ll do that with you.” So, we began the journey of healing.

My mom’s young oncologist explained in her first appointment that the non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma was present both in the tumor and in lymph nodes in her underarms and back. He recommended a form of less aggressive intravenous treatment with Rituxan instead of chemotherapy. He also said quite frankly that, considering her advanced age, she might just want to forego the treatments and simply enjoy the rest of her life with her family. Well, that was nothing short of a rallying call for my mom. She told the doctor that she would have the treatments, and that she would also be doing Signature Cell Healings with her daughter. He didn’t know what Signature Cell Healing was, but if we felt it would help, he said to go ahead.

Karinna and Aileen Healing Success - My Mom’s HealingMy mom and I walked a beautiful journey of healing together as I went two to three times a week to her home to do Signature Cell Healing sessions, and she also came to the healing services led by Kahu Fred Sterling at the Honolulu Church of Light. There were many, many emotional moments in our journey together to heal the cancer. It is a part of my life that I will always treasure.

My healing sessions with her always began and ended with the Opening and Closing Sequences. Her healings also included various other advanced Signature Cell Healing techniques, such as trinity tapping and communicating with the cells within the tumor, stem cell planting, extra lymphatic tapping, strumming the meridians and releasing the free radicals.

After one and a half years of healings and her prescribed treatments, a PET scan of my mom’s body revealed that the cancerous tumor was gone and there was also no cancer in the lymph nodes. She had done the healing journey, including all of her doctor’s treatments and Signature Cell Healings. She began to do regular prana breathing, prayer, meditation and automatic writing. I had the pleasure of returning to the same oncologist with my mother to hear him say, “I don’t know what you’ve been doing, but just keep doing it, because the cancer is gone.” My mom and I just looked at each other with a knowing of love for each other and for the healing journey, and we went out and celebrated.

Today, my mom still loves to receive Signature Cell healings from me. As her daughter and a Signature Cell healer, I have gained a deeper understanding of the many gifts that doing a healing journey with a loved one can bring.