First Steps to Signature Cell Healing: Healing the Self 6-part Video Series

First Steps to Signature Cell Healing: Healing the Self
A 6-hour video series with Signature Cell Healing self-healing techniques that we need NOW!

Facilitated by Karinna Nielsen, lead facilitator for the new Signature Cell Healing workshops.

Healing Starts with You!

During these unprecedented times, how can we take care of ourselves and others and move beyond our fears? What are the ways to be centered in love even as life all around us seems to be changing at lightning speed?

Fortunately, we have Signature Cell Healing tools and techniques of self-healing to help us now when we need it more than ever. And, though we are staying at home and apart from one another all over the world, there is a way for us  to discover the self-healing power of this ancient Lemurian healing modality, brought forth by founder, Kahu Fred Sterling for our Great Shift in Consciousness online. It is a way to learn the practices of self-healing and self-care so you can also be there for your family and others in need.

In this 6-hour series, allow lead facilitator of the new Signature Cell Healing workshops, Karinna Nielsen to guide you through practices and techniques of the ancient Lemurians, such as the 5 Breath Self-Healing Mediation, Lemurian Numerology, the Ten Principles of Consciously Creating, and so much more.

Please enjoy First Steps to Signature Cell Healing: Healing the Self, a video course focused on self-healing practices to support your life now. Awaken your cellular consciousness of 70 trillion cells and explore what self-healing means on all four bodies—physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Value: $99.00 USD includes unlimited access to six 1-hour video sessions and complementary access to the Self-Healing Resource Bundle (a $36 value!)