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  • Sleepstate Programming: The Powerful Ninth Principle

Did you know that, in it's most efficient state, your sleep can be planned, even programmed, to implore your toughest adversaries to magically take on a whole new course of action?

In this month's Kahu and Kirael Live, we will explore the most proficient way to access Sleeptstate Programming, a practice that thousands of people around the world have started to use for the simplest things in life.

You'll learn about the process of simply activating the chromosome 22 and consciously directing it to be a more dominant force of creation during your sleepstate. During that time, the energy of the "I" can be called forth more readily and with greater tenacity by your higher self. Passion, feelings, focus and clarity can be brought to new highs, with love at the core.

Discover how the four "foundation" principles of Kirael's Ten Principles of Concsiously Creating - Prayer, Meditation, Sleepstate Programming and Masterminding interweave with astounding results.

Here are the tracks contained on this valuable recording:

  • Welcome & Kahu’s Prayer (2:00)
  • Master Kirael’s Opening Statement (9:56)
  • Nine in Lemurian Numerology (3:26)
  • The Languages of Love Without Words (4:42)
  • The Higher Self and One's Purpose in Life (4:28)
  • Visualization: A 9th Principle Tactic (4:05)
  • You: The Program (4:18)
  • Out Through the Dot (3:19)
  • Into the Eye of a Dolphin (4:25)
  • The Mind-Boggling Mental Weave (5:56)
  • Contact Reverend Carol (3:56)
  • The Wave and The Weave (3:44)
  • Through One Cell of Your Body (2:22)
  • The Christ Energy (4:19)
  • Connecting the Mental Weave and the Brain (3:27)
  • Master Kirael’s Closing Statement (1:45)

Sleepstate Programming: The Powerful Ninth Principle (MP3 files - 2 parts)

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Sleepstate Programming: The Powerful Ninth Principle

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