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  • Mary Magdalene: What the Da Vinci Code Didn’t Tell You

What a provocative title!" one might exclaim; yet the more we learn of this beautiful female energy, the stronger our knowing becomes of her prevailing influence upon Master Jesus, who was one of the greatest healers that has walked the Earth plane.

We have learned that Mary Magdalene's family actually owned a shipping port. We know that Mary Magdalene was considered a genius at a very young age and was responsible for the translation of the ship logs submitted to the port authorities by all captains. Studying these records as she copied them offered her great insights which she later shared with Jesus, providing him with the most modern conceptual education available.

Giving Jesus this information somehow seemed to threaten the male disciples and in that she would pay a huge price. It is said that at times Peter and others would ask Jesus to ban her from private meetings held by the disciples because her insight, along with her Gnostic background was more than they could understand.

Today, proof is mounting that Mary was very likely one of the first female activists and was not willing to simply stay behind the scenes while the fishermen and tax collectors tried to guide the people regarding Jesus' message.

What else don't we know of this most powerful influence? Why is this information coming to light at the same time as the Goddess energy is permeating the world awakening? Is there a complex weave being exposed as we begin to discover that we only have parts of the whole truth?

Through the gift of mediumship of Kahu Fred Sterling become in-lightened on this controversial historical figure who was thoroughly discredited by the powers that be. Understand why the truth is being revealed at this time of the Great Shift in Consciousness and empower your healing journey.

Mary Magdalene: What the Da Vinci Code Did Not Tell You (MP3 files - 2 parts)

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Mary Magdalene: What the Da Vinci Code Didn’t Tell You

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