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  • The Goddess Light: Creating the Delicate Balance

Featuring the Chancellor of Lemuria

Light workers who are awakening to the possibility of creating Heaven on Earth are being guided to learn more about this great Lemurian civilization that flourished 50,000 years ago on our planet.

Master Guide Kirael, who is brought forth through the gift of mediumship by Kahu Fred Sterling, has been sharing his wisdom and knowledge about these exquisite Lemurian light beings in hopes that we may learn from their highly evolved experiences.

In Kahu’s newest book, Kirael: Lemurian Legacy for The Great Shift, Master Kirael describes how invoking the Goddess Light during the different periods of Lemurian history illuminated their shifts in consciousness. The Goddess Light accentuated the weaving of the five senses, the reducing of the veils, and created a delicate balance of strength and gentleness.

Here are the tracks contained in this recording:

  • Welcome and Kahu’s Opening Prayer (5:35)
  • Master Kirael’s Opening Statement / Introduction of the Lemurian Chancellor (20:20)
  • Lemurian Chancellor (10:13)
  • Master Kirael (8:25)
  • The Mirrors for Healing (4:46)
  • The Shift of Male Counterparts (5:01)
  • DNA Strands 5 and 6 (4:52)
  • Your Goddess Color (3:15)
  • The Truth of Heart (7:24)
  • The Touch of the “I” (4:15)
  • The Paintbrush of Your Soul (5:45)
  • Remember Before You Remembered (7:51)
  • The Flow of Love (4:56)
  • “I” Connects the Strands (5:09)
  • Ceremony: Feeling the Healing (4:18)
  • Master Kirael’s Closing Statement (3:04)
  • Kahu Returns (3:25)
  • Lemuria to Atlantis Now (4:13)
  • Love Dissolves the Veils (3:32)

The Goddess Light: Creating the Delicate Balance (MP3 files - 2 parts)

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The Goddess Light: Creating the Delicate Balance

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