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  • The Venus Transit of 2012

What Master Guide Kirael says in this recording:

"You've got only two choices: you're going to love or you're not going to love. You know that's the bottom line. You can't sit in the middle of love, between love and fear. You can't be in fear and be only part in fear. You're going to be all in fear, or you're going to be all in love. So what I'm telling you right now is the Venus Transit is the onset of this whole process of the Aquarian Age."

On June 5 and 6, 2012, the planet Venus passed directly between the Earth and the Sun in a rare astronomical event that occurs in pairs eight years apart. Each pair of transits is separated by cycles of over a century, with the first Venus Transit recorded at the time of Ferdinand Magellan's expedition to circumnavigate the Earth in 1518.

The Venus Transit of 2012 is the second phase in the most recent pair of transits, the first phase in the cycle taking place eight years ago on June 8, 2004. Master Guide Kirael shares that with this two-phase event is a profound alignment of energies that will shift our Earth realities and your own evolutionary growth. In particular in the Venus Transit of 2012, the Goddess Light opens you – both women and men – to the emerging sacred feminine deep within you.

A sampling of the IN-FOCUS questions for Master Guide Kirael:

How does the cycle of the Venus Transits in 2004 and 2012 tie into the Goddess Light of Planet Earth?

The U. S. postal mail system had its beginnings at the time of the 1631 Venus transit. Alexander Graham Bell's invention of the telephone occurred the time of the 1874 transit. In this Venus transit cycle of which started in 2004, we saw the explosion of the Internet and information technology. What can we look forward to in this second phase of the Venus Transit?

In the transit of 2004, you shared that there was a shift of emotional energy of the moon to the planet Venus. What is going to happen this time?

The numbers in the year 2012 equal to 5. In Lemurian Numerology 5 represents Love, and Communication is the 5th Principle of the Ten Principles of Consciously Creating. How do these two energies affect us during the time of the Venus Transit in this Aquarian Age?

Does this Venus Transit have something to do with the redesign of our DNA make-up that will allow us to use telepathy, or what you have called "soulspeak"?

The Venus Transit of 2012  (MP3 files - 2 parts)

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The Venus Transit of 2012

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