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  • Planet X: Living Outside the Doom and Gloom

What is the Truth?

Millions have read about the doom and gloom surrounding Planet X. Some people have already taken steps to prepare for what they fear is impending disaster when it nears the Earth in 2012.

Who is to say what the truth is? Master Guide Kirael chooses to speak about Planet X from a different angle, even plane, of thought. As usual, he goes against the tide, directing the focus less on the event or prophecy and more on how each person might choose to view it. His point, stated emphatically, is if you are truly on a healing path,you will survive. Not only will you survive, but you will be okay. You will find yourself at new levels of consciousness and in new growth in your relationships, finances and health. In other words, it is better to focus on how your life is going and keep making it better than before.

Hear the whole truth about Planet X. Learn what to do and how to be ready when faced with this and other prophecies that foretell impending doom and gloom for Planet Earth from the perspective of a seventh-dimensional guide. In the meantime, be reminded: If you truly believe in your journey, the only thing you need to do is practice living your future exactly the way you want it now.

Here are a few quotes from Master Guide Kirael in this session:

Sweeps of Energy Coming

"This whole process [Planet X] is about a field of energy, like your Earth plane. [When] this whole thing comes in here, it's going to affect your Earth plane. How are you going to tolerate it?"

Know the Energy is Here

"This Planet X process is pushing around this whole project and you've got to feel it right now in your own body process. So, I gave you a 5-minute meditation to do everyday when it starts to get a little tough on you."

Me and My Higher Self

"In this time that they call the Great Shift, the Higher Self is going to turn around and be talking with you vividly. You'll be so consciously aware of it, and you'll get everything you wanted to get from the Higher Self. You will have more conversations with the Higher Self than with all of your people over here put together, because everyone is going to have their Higher Self with them."

Photon Energy for Change

"The photon energy has been around a lot longer than anything that you’re going to float into the system right now. The photon energy was here when you were in Lemurian times 50,000 years ago, but only recently have [you] discovered photon light. The reason for it is because you’ve got to have it to make change. You don’t know it right now, but you all are going to the 4th dimension, and that’s one of the biggest changes that you’re ever going to be a part of."

The Goddess Light

"Get yourself outside your body and call the Goddess Light into your journey right here." You'll see an explosion of light and it will burn your eyes a little bit. Understand, the Goddess light is the matriarch of all energies."

Think Prana Breath

"Where's the breath? Out here? That's right. Where's the photon? Out there? Yes, but you can bring it into you. All you have got to do is "think it" into this whole journey. If you can think the prana breath into this journey right here, into the physical body, then you can heal the physical body, too. All you have to do is to "think it" into this journey and drive down into the systems, the kidneys or wherever you want it to get to."

Planet X: Living Outside the Doom and Gloom  (MP3 files - 2 parts)

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Planet X: Living Outside the Doom and Gloom

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