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  • Understanding Aspects and Walk-ins

What Master Kirael says:

This topic “may be a bit of a stretch for the average mind in the 3rd Dimension. I mean that only as a positive, for what I share with you is that on this Earth dimension, you are simply a physical manifestation of your totality. Once you open to this truth, you no longer need to wrestle with the unseen part of you; you need only to allow your physical body to flow with it.”

From “Guide to the Unseen Self ” by Kahu Fred
Sterling, speaking on “The Other Aspects of You
Splinters, Walk-Ins, and Twin Flames”

“You are not a human having a spiritual experience. You’re spirit is having a human journey.”

In this 4D IN-FOCUS with Kahu and Kirael recording, learn how true this statement is when you understand more about aspects and walk-ins. The question is, Are you a walk-in? If you don’t feel nostalgia for your childhood, or if you don’t feel emotional connection with childhood memories or even family members, it may not be that your brain cells aren’t working. It may have something to do with your higher self and a form of lesson plan for the evolving soul you never imagined could happen to you.

You will want to listen to this lively 4D IN-FOCUS mastery level Q & A session with Master Guide Kirael many times to discern the seven levels of truth and guidance in which he speaks.

A sampling of the IN-FOCUS questions for Master Guide Kirael:

  • Are there different types of aspects? What are they?
  • Is there a percentage of a soul that remains intact and a percentage of a soul that is “aspected” to go forth and experience?
  • Why is it important to have this awareness at this time?
  • How do you know if you have had a walk-in?
  • When do we get walk-ins?
  • Are new walk-in energies always of a higher vibration than the previous soul in the same body?
  • Will there be more people going through the walk-in process as we get closer to the Shift?

 Understanding Aspects and Walk-ins (MP3 file)

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Understanding Aspects and Walk-ins

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