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  • The Portal to the Fourth Dimension Series

In an unprecedented 4-part audio series, Master Medium Kahu Fred Sterling and Master Guide Kirael disclose new truth and wisdom that take us beyond the Great Shift and on into the 4th Dimension.


Part 1: A Vision of the 4th Dimension

  • We know that the 3rd Dimension is characterized by duality and the journey from fear to love. What is the journey of the 4th?

  • How far into the 4th Dimension have we already gone?

  • What do 4th Dimensional humans look like and how will the four-body system change?


Part 2: Closing out the 3rd Dimension – what MUST be completed?

  • What happens to those who are not ready for the 4th Dimension and how can we best finish our 3rd dimensional lessons now?
  • Are we living in the 4th dimension now in our sleep state to help us prepare?

  • What roles are being played by our higher selves, our guides and angels?

Part 3: Moving into the 4th Dimension: Levels of Preparation

  • Portal workers – how will we be trained? How will we know what our role is?

  • Our changing bodies – DNA, chakras and new blueprints.

  • Levels of awakening – what are the steps from one to the next?

  • What help are we receiving from ET’s?


Part 4: What life in the 4th Dimension will be like

  • What will our cities and towns look like and how will our way of life change?

  • What will happen to our financial system and what will replace it?

  • How will we take care of our new bodies – food, clothing, and healing?

  • How will our relationships change?

  • How will the world be governed?

  • How will the Earth change?



The Portal to the Fourth Dimension Series  (MP3 files - 4 parts)

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The Portal to the Fourth Dimension Series

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