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  • The 4 Bodies of Mother Earth Series

The Emotional Body of Mother Earth - Part 1

Truth: Mother Earth feels earthquakes in her emotional body.


In this spectacular event, these special thoughts were shared for you to feel Master Guide Kirael's essence:

  • "These crystals, if you had any idea what made them so beautiful, it is the core of mother earth that has been now ground up and the crystals begin to form their own locked light - their own locked light. If it's this big or ten tons, it doesn't matter to us, they're locked light of the created mother earth's emotional body."

  • "The crystals that you are talking about right now, if you reach down into the earth plane and you saw something and you picked it up and it was a crystal and said oh I found my own crystal, that's beautiful, that would be holding mother earth's emotional body in your hand."

  • Have you noticed that it is getting easier to say, "It's the Great Shift?" If you look at the world around you, what do you see? What else is there to say about the earthquakes in Haiti and Chile and countless others in the Ring of Fire? And what about the suicide bombings in the Moscow Metro just a few weeks ago?
  • Yes, it is the Great Shift, and have you stopped to consider that Mother Earth might feel earthquakes in her emotional body?


Find out not only what to do in this Great Shift, but be informed before it happens. Be awaver, not afraid, of what we see taking place on Mother Earth. Only by letting go of fear and trusting in the perfect end result does everything make true sense.


Here are a few more quotes from Master Guide Kirael in this session:

Earthquakes and Volcanoes

"The earthquakes, the volcanoes and all the things that are happeningnow, are just part of her emotional outlet."

"Why does Mother Earth tolerate us? It's so powerful that it doesn't need the human being. You know what your higher self is goingto say? Listen to Master Kiraelfor the next few minutes, because Mother Earth does need you. Mother Earth needs you to be yourmother, to be its mother, to be the mother. It has to be mothering a child and you are the children ofthis God Creator, and this mother earth and your higher self."


What are you going to do?

"What are you going to do to make sure that Mother Earth doesn't have to explode around your heads? Know what you're going to get. This whole project is about you."


Her Power is Our Will

"You know she has the power of the will of all of us. What is all of us? Me, my medium, you, your channels, your guides, your angels, they're alltempered to this Mother Earth plane."



"The kundalini runs from the North Pole to the South Pole and back up until it meets in the center. From there, it comes out to all the parts you want to get to."


Breath of Life and Earth - the Sun

"This is the emotional body, the sun; it's the force that feeds the sun into your earth plane. Just like you breath in here, Mother Earth breathes in from the sun.


We are One!

"The Creator created earth the same way it creates you."

"The ozone layer might be the spirit self of Mother Earth, oh yes, and inside this ozone layer is a lot of space. And guess what that is filled with- the mental weave. Then you bring it down to the emotional body, which is you sitting in that chair pretending to be a human and Mother Earth pretending to be the earth plane. The physical body becomes aware of its whole self."


Feel Mother Earth's Heartbeat

"If you lie down on Mother Earth, just ooze yourself down into Mother Earth, and just stay there and pray. You're going to feel Mother Earth's emotional body. That's her heartbeat. If you get down deep enough into her, you'll feel yourself going down into her, and you'll know that's the perfect journey for everybody."


The Emotional Body of Mother Earth - Part 1  (MP3 files - 2 parts)



The Mental Body of Mother Earth: The Mirror Effect - Part 2

Truth: The mental bodies of Mother Earth and Humankind mirror each other.


"Your Mother Earth is the baby sister of her two other aspects..." - Master Guide Kirael

The mental body of Mother Earth operates pretty much like that of earth beings. It has periods when it performs at intensely high energy levels, and like human consciousness, it enters into seeming sleep cycles. There's even a reflective quality about the mental bodies of human and Mother Earth. Impassioned mental encounters between Mother Earth and humans can literally mirror their interplay of reflective creation. Simply put, what we think impacts the mental body of Mother Earth and her thoughts affect our actions profoundly.

Is there a way that we can influence the powerful energies of Mother Earth and help her maintain a level of calm and balance at this stage in the Great Shift?

Yes, we can, with the "Ten Principles of Consciously Creating" that Kahu and Master Guide Kirael have brought forth onto the Earth plane from higher levels of consciousness. We can mirror loving thoughts with her in our meditations, prayers, and sleepstate programming. In that way, we are alert to all that is happening around us constantly and are ready to react in constructive ways in our thoughts that mirror one another.

Be in harmony with Mother Earth. Let Kahu and Master Guide Kirael be your guides into one-thought, one-heart consciousness with Mother Earth.


Here are a few quotes from Master Guide Kirael in this session:

Mother Earth Is Ready - Are You?
"Everything is about pushing this whole package into this new understanding of the 4th light. So my baby sister, Mother Earth, she's a beautiful journey, and she's ready to go into the 4th light as soon as she can get her parts together. That would be you, the human."


"Be" the Balance
"It’s always in balance, no matter how you look at it. You look at all the negative and horrible things happening on the earth plane right now, [and] you’ve got to know it’s in balance some place on this Earth plane. So, you’ve got to make yourself be the part you want to be, and don’t fall prey to things going on outside of you."


Two Steps forward, One Step Back, into the 4th Light
"Every time you have a grand thought, whether it's a relationship, a job, whatever, it goes into this local brain weave and actually expands it, and you cannot shrink it back. So what happens is - wonder why you're going to have this Great Shift? - because it's ready to go back into the 4th light, and get to the 5th, 6th and so forth."


Beyond the Ozone Lie the Answers
"Go to Mother Earth's Higher Spirit. Go beyond the ozone layer. Get out to her higher spirit of this journey and get your answers from out there. How do you do this? You're going to Love this ..."

A Short Meditation - Streams Are the Future
"Take some nice deep breaths ... and be aware of where I'm going to take you. There is a stream coming through you right now. Your atoms of light have got a stream within them that allows you to go where you've been before. This streams of light is going to go all the way back to the time when Lemuria was going to do it's final outcast. Fly with me ..."


Mother Earth's Mental Weave
"You've got to get this weave, the mental weave of Mother Earth and be there, then go outside the ozone layer and talk to her Higher Self. And listen to what she's going to tell you. She's going to tell you about the 5th dimensional energies and what your going to be when you grow up to be big like me."


Your Love = Balance
"If you want to know what love is, love is balance. Balance is your love. And you have to understand balance is what you get down to when you stop these long strained journeys that you're going through right now. Balance is your love."


The Mental Body of Mother Earth: The Mirror Effect - Part 2 (MP3 files - 2 parts)



The Magnificent Spiritual Body of Mother Earth - Part 3

Truth: Mother Earth's spirit body watches over us.

Are you aware that the spirit body is connected to all planets that have beings living on their surface? - Master Guide Kirael


Truth is, within a certain parameter of the known universe, the spirit body reaches out into the cosmos to keep a pulse on life on other planetary systems, and it welcomes beings of other realms guided to this plane of consciousness. At the same time, the perfect spirit body of Mother Earth is always ready to protect us here on Earth from predatory beings of certain planetary systems. Let's just say that she can claim an almost perfect success rate in her efforts. The spirit body of Mother Earth learns from every encounter over the millennia. It remembers all there is to garner for its evolutionary growth. What we find is her spirit in balance, emanating a perfect golden hue of light.


There's much more for Kahu and Master Guide Kirael to share on the magnificence of the spirit body of Mother Earth. What does this say about your own spirit body?


Here are a few quotes from Master Guide Kirael in this session:


Your Brothers and Sisters from Other Planets…
“Your brothers and sisters from other planets are going to come in here and do this journey with you, because they don’t have to change their body.”


Female Energies are Guardians of Mother Earth
"This is one of the best third dimensional planet you've had in a long time. When it goes into the 4th light, it loses it's Mother Earth processes and becomes the 4th light process. That's why you go from fear to love as a 3rd dimensional, and you go from love to light in the 4th dimension."


When the Shift Comes
"Are you standing on the Earth or have you been dissolved into nothingness? That's the only thing you've got to think about [when the Shift comes], because it's going to come, and you've got to be aware of it. It will be quick. In three days it will be done, and that's the whole journey, because the 4th dimension lights up from inside her."


The 4th Dimension Lights Up from the Inside
"The 4th dimension lights up from inside her [Mother Earth]... She's going to be lit up from where she is right now. It's in the spirit body, the mental body; it's gone into the emotional body, that's the human people, and into the physical body. It's already anchored."


It’s All One Planet
"You talk about Andromeda or Sirius, any place - it's all one planet with different levels of vibration. The Earth plane is an Earth-bound plane of consciousness that the God Creator created for you to be here, and that's the lovely part of this whole thing."


Your Body Goes Out to God Creator
"Your [spirit] body goes right out through this whole journey, through this blob of energy called the Earth plane. It goes right out through the atmosphere, out through the ozone. Your body goes right out there with everybody else's, because, understand this, you're all God Creator."


 The Magnificent Spirit Body of Mother Earth - Part3  (MP3 files - 2 parts)




The Physical Body of Mother Earth: Being in Service - Part 4

Truth: More Channels Needed for Mother Earth - That's You!


  • How do you see the physical plane of Earth? When you look about you, do you see her colors in brilliant shades and subtle hues? Can you smell her global essence?

  • Or do you see the effects of global warming? Of shifting weather patterns and the devastation it leaves in its wake? Have you a sense that Mother Earth is about to burst at her seams, so to speak? Are you sensitive to her moods?


At this time of great shifts in her physical body, Mother Earth needs channels that live on her surface to speak for her.


In this final workshop of "THE SHIFTING 4 BODIES of MOTHER EARTH," Kahu and Master Guide Kirael put forth the call:

Mother Earth seeks channels to be her voice to the people of the planet when it is time to head for cover. Be her channel by opening your senses and putting it all on the line. It is time for you to be in service to Mother Earth. Do not let fear guide you any longer.

Here are a few quotes from Master Guide Kirael in this session:

Her Quickening Heartbeat
"It's the heartbeat of Mother Earth and it has been quickening. Now your heartbeat is in tune with Mother Earth and is in tune with this Schumann resonance, and it's going to connect to your brain. Then it connects to your cellular consciousness, so you might be considered to be a cellular system of the God Creator."

Your Mind and Your Cellular Consciousness
"If you want to, you start bending your mind into your cellular consciousness and you begin to heal your fears because, if you are going to go into the shifting process with eewww, eewww [anger, fears], you're not going to make it. It's here for the people that can make it into this new journey. This is the 3rd dimension, and the 4th light you are going into is moving close."

In a Fetal Position
"I would describe Mother Earth as in almost a fetal position, not as being birthed, but of being awakened. You see her open up smiling, her eyes shining through her spirit world. The energy of Mother Earth is so thrilled to be part of this new awakening."

Cosmic Energy Forces
"This whole concept of being on Earth, you are all cosmic energy forces and you know it because if you look at yourselves, the body - this atom thing is unbelievably powerful. When you figure it out, then you'll be even more powerful. You can fly through atoms."

A Ball of Light
"You're going to look like Mother Earth and be a ball of light. What does this mean? The medium has learned to work with this ball of light he's got. You transfer into this 4th Light through this ball."

You are a Channel
"You all know that you're channels. I'm not going to soft-soap it in any way. You are all channels right now and if you don't think so, ask yourself this question: "Am I a channel?" What is the answer? The answer is "Yes, you are a channel." Now you can stretch it out into broader senses.... If you're going to channel, you're going to channel Earth energy or the heaven energies."


The Physical Body of Mother Earth: Being in Service
Here's Your Cure!
"You can cure arthritis, headaches, it doesn't matter. Heartbeats, whatever, you can cure it by simply coming to [receive a] Signature Cell Healing. Don't make this your whole journey but part of your journey. Your arthritis and the things you're going through right now are part of the whole journey like Mother Earth is going through. I want you to feel it, and we can help you through this whole journey in a heartbeat."


Last Chance from Mother Earth
"Mother Earth knows what she's doing. She's allowed this to happen because it's one more chance, you're going to have one life chance for everybody to get to this whole journey and say, "Oh my God, this is not the right way," and therefore, you'll know how to do it when you get out of this journey. When the Shift comes and goes, yese big buildings piled on top of one another, because you don't need them."


The Physical Body of Mother Earth: Being in Service - Part 4  (MP3 files - 2 parts)


All 4 Parts - Total of 8 MP3 files

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The 4 Bodies of Mother Earth Series

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