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  • 4D Channeling for Self-Programming Series - Part 1: Communicating

How do we channel as 4th dimensional humans?

Who will we be speaking for and who will hear us?
How do we tune in to the 4D channel?
What's the journey to get there?

It takes more than a tearful journey to truly heal the emotional body

In this spectacular event, a special moment was captured just for you
to feel Master Guide Kirael's essence.
"Your higher self will be there and guide you through this whole process. It'll guide you through, when you unplug here and you plug into this new ball of energy.  It'll fold you into it, because you'll know it. ...  When you become part of the whole energy of the 4th Light, that is what you're going to get, for a matter of seconds (whoosh whoosh) as they put you back into your ball and get your light working right there."

Here are a few quotes from Master Guide Kirael in this session:
"Seeing & Feeling" the 4th Dimension

"What you are going to hear today has never been said on this earth plane in 40,000 years."
 Waking Up After 3 Days - Is this Heaven?

"My God, look at the leaves on the trees, the puddle of water, that person.  Oh, it's not really a person because it's too tall.  You're going to be in the 4th light, the very first stages of the 4th light."
This is The Future - You're Going to See Your Higher Self
"The world is aware of itself. You are not aware of yourself yet, but this whole journey is to make you aware of yourself.  And you don't have anything to be worried because this 4th Dimension is here, and it's ready to go if you're ready."

This is a Ticket to the 4th Dimension
"You've got to celebrate every time you do a [channeling], and never, ever, for God's sake, say that wasn't so good. It was the best you could do today. Don't ever apologize for it."
4-D Self-Programming Exercise
"Open your heart to my words and we are going to do a 5 minute meditation, so breath like this - hhmm.  Control your breathing.  Get 4 to 5 of those into you. Listen to me with one ear and hear what's going on in your body right now. The breathing is the most important part."
Break Free of the 3rd Dimension
"Sometime you'll break free of this 3rd Dimensional process. It's just a shield, a veil, a veil of energy that's wrapped around your body right now. But you can get outside the shield, and when you get outside the shield, everything is free.  Everything is wisdom and so enlightened."


4D Channeling: Communicating with 4th Dimensional Humans (MP3 files - 2 parts)

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4D Channeling for Self-Programming Series - Part 1: Communicating

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