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  • 4D Channeling for Self-Programming Series -  Part 2: Spirit Self

Program your mind to connect with your spiritual self

In this spectacular event, a special moment was captured just for you to feel Master Guide Kirael's essence.

There's No Fear in the 4th Dimension
"I'm talking about inside your body, through your emotional body, into your mental body, into your spirit body, that's how you program this whole process, even on this 3rd Dimension, which is going to be afraid, because in the 4th Dimension, you don't have anything to be afraid of, because there's no fear."

This second of the "4D Channeling for Self-Programming" series, you shall delve deeply beyond your conscious state with Master Guide Kirael and Kahu Fred as they expose just how simple it is to program your spirit self. Like Alice in "Alice in Wonderland," you can will yourself into a new journey. In this case, you can will your spiritual self specifically into a guardianship role, with complete control of the journey. Imagine traveling at will into the Monad, or overlight consciousness, where your soul family resides. Envision yourself in touch with other beings that attuned with you in Lemuria or on other planes of existence. It is now possible to travel throughout this dimension and into the Fourth Light at will.

It begins by programming your spirit self.


Quotes by Kahu Fred Sterling as he expresses his knowledge about the 4th dimension from this recording:

You'll Be Astounded
"In this 4th Light, you're going to be so astounded at the powers you have available to you in that time and space."

Perfection and Truth
"Everything you do (in the 4th Dimension) is so perfect, because you know perfection, but your truth is beyond your wildest expectation."


Quotes by Master Guide Kirael:

You Can Go Anywhere in Your Ball of Light
"When you get to the 4th Dimension, the first thing you want to do is get out of that ball of light and build your physical body."

Get to Know Your Spirit Body
"Your spirit body of light is the most powerful journey you'll ever have, period."

The Portal to the 4th Dimension
"You can't go through that portal with your body process. You've got to put it through your spirit process. "

4D Programming of Your Spirit Self (MP3 files - 2 parts)

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4D Channeling for Self-Programming Series - Part 2: Spirit Self

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