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  • 4D Channeling for Self-Programming Series - Part 3: 4D Bilocating

4D Bilocating - The Avatar in You
No 3D glasses required!


Experience a Self-Programming Exercise with the Raven from the Sixth Light: The Avatar Journey

If you've seen the movie "Avatar," you're probably wondering if anything like that could truly exist. Here's something to think about: What if we in this dimension are avatars of another dimension? Or, could it be that "Avatar" is giving us a peek into the 4th dimension? When Kahu saw the movie for the first time, he was so enthralled by the breathtaking visuals that he returned to see it for a second time. Even though the movie was sold out, one seat remained empty next to him, perfect for his "entourage" - Master Kirael, Raven and others, to take part in the experience.

This is also your opportunity to learn more about bilocation, a mysterious shamanic power coming to light now.


Here are a few quotes from Master Guide Kirael in this session:

Incarnation into Human Form
"The avatar within you. What does that mean? You have an avatar, but it's not within you. You are made of an avatar of another being of light."

Meditate, Meditate, Meditate
"Meditatiion is the most empowering thing you'll do anytime, any place, right here on this earth plane."

It's all Perfect
"People cry because they got a pimple on their nose, their crying, blah, blah, bla-bla and I'm thinking oh my God, what a beautiful pimple they've got. How do you have a beautiful pimple? It's on your body-it's got to be beautiful."

Remote Viewing
"The military used this program called Remote Viewing... They've been doing this for so long, but they don't do it any more, because it became too powerful."

You Only Think You're a Human
"The 3rd Dimension has been set in such a fashion that you think you're a human body."

Stroke Recovery - Get Your Body Back
"If you want to use both sides of your body, you got to awaken the cellular consciousness. It's gone to sleep because it thinks it's perfect. I know you don't think you're perfect, but you should be thinking you're perfect, because this is the body you've got from the Creator."

Lighten-up, we are going to the 4th!
"You got to get your strands lit up over here. Everyone should take Signature Cell Healing. That's one way to do it. Even if you don't know what you're doing, understand this, the truth of truths: You are ALL going to the 4th Dimension."


4D Bilocating: The Avatar in You (MP3 files - 2 parts)

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4D Channeling for Self-Programming Series - Part 3: 4D Bilocating

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