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  • Kirael: The Genesis Matrix

Kirael: The Genesis Matrix


Together, Fred Sterling and Master Guide Kirael reveal why life as we know it is changing… drastically. Kirael: The Genesis Matrix,addresses a profound range of topics--from the evolution of light to the female energies that surrounded Master Jesus. Master Guide Kirael even shares with us the Seven Levels of Awareness that each of us may enter the new evolutionary era--the 4th dimension--after the event Master Guide Kirael calls the Great Shift in Consciousness. According to Master Guide Kirael, "the matrix" is simply an illusion of a collective thought consciousness that we can change any time we choose.


Take a journey into the human evolutionary journey.


Kirael's Introduction - Sharpening the Hook
Chapter 1 - Creation: The Evolution of Light
Chapter 2 - Duality: The Journey Begins
Chapter 3 - Trinity: The Matrix Unveiled
Chapter 4 - Thought: A few Thinking for the Masses
Chapter 5 - Love: Jesus and the Female Disciples
Chapter 6 - Mastery: The Life Plan
Chapter 7 - Transition: Healing in Truth, Trust and Passion
Chapter 8 - Infinity: Traveling Between the Worlds
Chapter 9 - Completion: Religion, Spirituality
Appendix - The Matrix System of Numbers: Guiding Your Life with Kirael's Numerology


Kirael through Fred Sterling is right-on! The Genesis Matrix is an empowering book filled with love and insight.
--Lee Carroll, world renowned channel and best-selling author of the Kryon and Indigo Children series of books

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Kirael: The Genesis Matrix

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