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  • Kirael: The Great Shift Revised Edition

Back by popular demand - seven years after the first printing! Kahu Sterling and Master Kirael’s first book, Kirael: The Great Shift is finally back in print ... Updated and Revised!

Here is an excerpt of Master Kirael’s updates from Kirael: The Great Shift Revised Edition:

KIRAEL: The "Evolution of the Soul" chapter is one that I love so much because it gave me the grand opportunity to allow you to feel as though you could never be “less than” again. It allowed you to discover that the love inside of you is the same love that the Creator has that brought you to be on this planet.

What I didn't tell you in this chapter was this: I didn't really make it clear that when the Creator calls upon you and says, "I got a journey to the Third Dimension," oh, my God, you celebrate. You cannot believe the celebration—you, your whole soul family, everybody around you. (You'll read about soul families in this chapter.) You get to understand that you are going to go and serve your Creator. Oh, it gets no better.

The first thing that most of you did after that was call me. For most of you reading this book, the first thing you did was say, "Master Kirael, I am going to the Earth plane, and the Creator said you are going to be there with us." And I said, "Yes, but don't forget. You will forget for some time. You won't remember all of the beautiful things that you are going there to do."


The journey of the soul, the evolution of the soul, my friend, is the particle values of your Creator incarnate. And that's you. You are those particles.


Why is this Revised Edition so special?


  • A new prologue and chapter-by chapter updates by Master Guide Kirael
  • A new epilogue by Kahu Fred Sterling
  • Revised numerology information
  • Updated glossary

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Kirael: The Great Shift Revised Edition

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