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  • Masterminding for Conscious Living

Masterminding for Conscious Living
A special 4D IN-FOCUS session with Master Guide Kirael, through the mediumship of Kahu Fred Sterling


Kirael speaks on Masterminding - the 10th of the Ten Principles of Consciously Creating:

Some people know that clear focus and intent are important keys in getting what they want out of life. They set goals, make lists, and create vision boards. But, what happens when a group of people with a shared focus and intent come together in love? It becomes a collective force for healing and evolutionary change for the individual and for the planet.

With this, self-empowerment is no longer by chance but by conscious actions and choices, along with the support of other members of the group and even the higher selves of all involved. That's the makings of a master group, a mastermind for conscious living.

In this recording, Master Guide Kirael, who brought forth the Ten Principles of Consciously Creating, explores the dynamics of Masterminding and what you can do to create your own powerful mastermind group.
You will want to listen to this lively 4D IN-FOCUS mastery level Q & A session with Master Guide Kirael many times to discern the seven levels of truth and guidance in which he speaks.


A sampling of the IN-FOCUS questions for Master Guide Kirael:

  • Master Guide Kirael, are you yourself in any mastermind groups? If so, with whom and what are you masterminding?
  • How can I work through old beliefs and perceptions that block me from what I want to bring into my life with Masterminding?
  • How does the number of members in a mastermind group affect the outcome of the group's desired results?
  • A karma carrier is someone who provides me with the reflections that I need to heal, usually based on a pre-birth agreement. How does one recognize a karma carrier in a mastermind group?
  • In some mastermind groups, I feel the presence of an over-mastermind of old thought patterns that hold the group back from achieving its goals. How can we address an over-mastermind when we become aware of it?
  • Was the Gulf oil spill in 2010 caused by a mastermind group with the intended purpose of gaining wealth or with a purpose to show mankind that we need to get off the oil and use alternative energy sources, such as the sun or photon energy?
  • The mastermind statement is the will and word of creation. Would you give us an example of a mastermind statement to heal from fear to love and into love and light?


Masterminding for Conscious Living - 4D IN-FOCUS with Kahu & Kirael (MP3 - 2 parts)

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Masterminding for Conscious Living

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