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  • The DNA Factor - You Can Change It!

The DNA Factor - You Can Change It!
From this spectacular event, a special moment was captured just for you to feel Master Guide Kirael's essence.


“When you are working with your DNA at the cellular level and you have focused on all four bodies, you will know how to cure anything and everything in it’s path including the death process.”
- Master Guide Kirael


Did You Know?

The colors of the first and second strands of DNA are black and gray, and the color of the third and fourth strands, which are seen as shadows behind the first two strands, are silver and gold. Is there any significance to the colors?


As brain-power increases, DNA expands with it and one begins to evolve more rapidly. What kind of mental activity creates an explosion of growth within the evolution of your DNA?


Some of you will have to go to the fourth dimension much earlier than the rest. You will need your third and fourth strands fully activated to do this. How will this be accomplished? What do you need to do now to prepare for a smooth transition?


Although we all have approximately six feet of DNA, we only consciously utilize about one foot. If a person was experiencing cancerous tumors growing inside of him, one of the items that is located in the other five feet is an on/off switch that controls the growth. How do we find this switch and turn it off to stop the growth of the tumors?


“You don’t have to die from a disease, you never have to die, you choose to die. You can get off this track because your death is just a process and your DNA has the answer to it."
- Master Guide Kirael


Here are a few quotes from Master Guide Kirael in this session:


The Silver and Gold DNA Strands
"This new project is about this new enlightenment, the silver and gold, [with] the gold being the most predominant of the four strands."


OMG, It's a Miracle
"Signature Cell Healing should be called, “Oh my God, it’s a miracle,” or defined, “Oh my God, it’s a miracle.” How many people do we have to heal on the Earth plane for you to understand that there’s another availability to do your journey right now, and you don’t have to just line up and die?"


The Spirit Self
"If you want to talk to the God Creator or to your Omni Consciousness, it's a straight path through the Spirit Self."


Heaven on Earth
"Heaven on Earth would be to have fully awakened chromosomes of youth and vitality, and still travel this Earth plane at the same time."


Magnetically Charged by Your Soul
"The whole process of the DNA is so magnetically charged into your soul, by your soul, so that it comes out through your soul."


The DNA Factor: You Can Change It! (MP3 files - 2 parts)

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The DNA Factor - You Can Change It!

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