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  • The Lightworker Health Care Plan: Pineal, Prana and Photon

The Lightworker Health Care Plan: Pineal, Prana and Photon
Say goodbye to 3rd dimensional remedies.


Shift into the new healing as the Pineal, Prana and Photon come together as a singular force for well-being.

  • Are we being "held hostage" to the medical system of the matrix?
  • What do the pineal, prana and photon have to do with our ascension as human beings into the 4th light?
  • How can we be free from fear just by breathing?


Join Master Kirael as he goes on a special journey of demystifying the age-old powerhouses of the pineal, prana and photon.


Pineal: It's time to remember the truth. In this little powerhouse gland, tucked under the brain, is the Creator Cell of life here on this planet. Shaped like that of a pinecone, it is the same symbol that appears on the Pope's staff.


Prana: This life-force is available to all through a simple act of inhaling a single breath. Learn how we can create a healing journey within ourselves and others, with the real potential of miraculous results.


Photon: The photon energy is swirling around the planet, and is already shaping up to cause healing on so many levels. Just by accessing Kirael's photon forecast, you can read your visions with accuracy and be ahead of the masses.


Begin now to enrich your soul's expedition and ascension. Take your healthcare into your own hands.


Here are the tracks contained on this valuable CD:

Welcome/Intro (0:41)
Master Kirael's Opening Statement (19:08)
The Missing Link (3:23)
Golding 4th DNA Strand (7:38)
Blue Truth Strand (6:30)
The Golden Strand and Self-Care (5:20)
Beauty in the Mirror (5:08)
Pranic Breathing Underwater (5:25)
Photon and Pineal Gland (4:09)
Healing the Whole Package (3:54)
Your Yin and Yang Body (3:18)
One for the Guys (1:23)
The Photon Belt (4:22)
Aspirin, the Wonder Drug (3:45)
Master Kirael's Closing Statement (1:50)


The Lightworker Health Care Plan (MP3 files - 2 parts)

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The Lightworker Health Care Plan: Pineal, Prana and Photon

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