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  • The Ten Principles for the Evolving Soul

The Ten Principles for the Evolving Soul
A special 4D IN-FOCUS session with Master Guide Kirael, through the mediumship of Kahu Fred Sterling


Are the Ten Principles essential for getting into the 4th dimension?


Let’s put it this way, if you have a very strong sense or deep knowing that you are here on the Earth plane to experience the Great Shift into the 4th Dimension in this lifetime, you will find the answers to your “how-to-evolve and ascend” questions answered in these Ten Principles.


A sampling of the IN-FOCUS questions for Master Guide Kirael:


  • Are the Ten Principles "imprinted" on our DNA, so to speak, and if so, what happens to that imprint as our DNA expands?
  • These Principles are called the Principles of Consciously Creating. Does the God Creator ever create without consciousness? That is, can there be creation withour intention?
  • How could I use the monthly photon energy forecast within the "Ten Principles of Consciously Creating" to consciously manifest things that I desire?
  • What are the new dynamics that we will see inour practice of the Ten Principles as we move closer to the Great Shift into the 4th Light?
  • Are the Ten Principles as we know them now different from the principles that were practiced in Lemuria?

Listen to this lively 4D IN-FOCUS mastery Q & A session with Master Guide Kirael many times to discern the seven levels of truth and guidance in which he speaks.

The Ten Principles of the Evolving Soul - 4D IN-FOCUS with Kahu & Kirael (MP3 - 2 parts)

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The Ten Principles for the Evolving Soul

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