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  • The Transformative Power of Signature Cell Healing

“When you bring the energy down into the pineal gland from the crown chakra, it touches something in there that we will call the master blueprint or the God cell that is in direct contact and communication with the seventy trillion cells in your body.”         
- Master Guide Kirael

Did You Know?
Fifty thousand years ago, the Lemurian people practiced a form of healing that we call Signature Cell Healing.  It is based on the premise that healing must occur in the four bodies (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) to be successful.
Q: What is four-body healing and why is it so important in the healing process?


When a Signature Cell Healing practitioner brings the healing energy into the pineal gland through the crown chakra, it establishes a connection with the Creator.  The Seventy trillion cells in the body are instantly aware that the Creator’s light is present in the physical body.
Q: Can you describe the process of lighting up the pineal gland and then what happens when the cells in our body begin to feel the Creator’s love entering the body?


Everything in the world is based on the trinity energy.  Within the cellular consciousness of the body, there is a memory of the trinity energy.  Signature Cell Healing uses several groundbreaking techniques to activate these trinity points throughout the physical body.
Q: Why is the awakening of the trinity so important to our healing journey? How do we activate them? 

Our heart chakra is a combination of every cell in our bodies.  When the Creator’s light enters the heart chakra (thymus gland), it moves throughout the body to the farthest extremities so every particle is touched by it and is aware of its presence.
Q: How does this happen? Can we trace the route of the Creator’s light as it flows through the body to the farthest extremities?

Here are a few quotes from Master Guide Kirael in this session:
Every Illness Comes Through the Spirit Body 
“When you’ve got all these things going on in your physical body, you’ve got to keep track of this thing called the Spirit Body. The Spirit Body is where every illness you’re ever going to feel is going to come through.” 
Long Before Reiki...
“You’ve got the medical world and you’ve got the healing world. I’m not talking solely about Signature Cell Healing, but I know Signature Cell Healing. It comes right out of Lemuria, [and] it’s long before Reiki….
It's Not Magic, It's Magical
“It’s more than a damn miracle; it is a miracle of life.  And that’s the one thing you’ve got to remember:  Signature Cell Healing is a miracle of life.  It’s never about magic. I’m quoting the Medium: “It’s never about magic.”  When you do the whole process, the four-bodied system, and you get into this whole journey and you want more and more, then magically it happens.  Magically.  No hand of cards.  No pulling coins out of your ears.  It’s not magic, but magical it is.”

Invite the Photon Energy In
“You get this photon energy right above your head, but you don’t reach up and pull it in. You invite it in through your own crown chakra and down through the pineal gland.  It’s so beautiful.”
"Harmony" is the Most Effective Tone
“You do it three or four times, and eventually, you are all going to come into harmony.  When you come into harmony, it goes into the [healee’s] body in a harmonic space through your journey.  When you’ve got your hand on this [person], you get this harmony.  It comes in through your hand … through your emotional body … goes right into his emotional body, and you’ve got harmony. Then you’re going to get a healing. I guarantee it.” 
Self Healing 
“Yes, you can do Signature Cell Healing on yourself, but it’s better to get somebody else to do it. That’s all right if you’ve got somebody to do it, but if you don’t [have anyone], you’ve got to do it.” 
Signature Cell Healing - A New But Ancient Concept
“Again, this is a new concept—[but]not new. It’s been around for 50,000 years waiting to get up and out of this whole journey.”
Spinal Cord Tone
“If you go into that hurt spot, C7 or C5 [on the spine], and you ohm it back to its original form [and] get it back to its ohm presence, you will see the whole body straighten and elongate. And you’ll be able to understand what you need to do….”

The Transformative Power of Signature Cell Healing - A Guide to Awakening the Self  (MP3 files - 2 parts)

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The Transformative Power of Signature Cell Healing

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