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  • Your Thoughts Define Your Abundance

Why do so many of us in this day and age have difficulty with abundance? Either we feel we don’t have enough or we feel guilty about having too much. And why are many of us finding it challenging to manifest what we truly desire in our lives?


This live event recording is something that you will want to listen to many times over. Master Kirael shares his incredible insights into the yin/yang experience of being human and how to overcome the limits of our own thoughts. In the first section of this two-hour event, you’ll learn how the Lemurians viewed abundance and what self-love has to do with creating it. Find out why Master Kirael says “you can't be to generous” and who the “shift children” are.


In the second half of this recording, Kahu Fred explains that “abundance is ours” and that there truly isn't anything to worry about. Learn how to align the particles of light using your third eye and how to weave this stream into your manifestation desires. Discover your own personal sound and color of abundance.


It’s an infinitely abundant world. Let Master Kirael and Kahu Fred Sterling help guide you onto the path of what you truly want in this lifetime.


Your Thoughts Define Your Abundance (2 MP3's)

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Your Thoughts Define Your Abundance

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