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  • St. Valentine: A Miracle Worker?

So powerful that it was a secret...UNTIL NOW!

From this spectacular event, a special moment was captured just for you to feel Master Guide Kirael's essence.

Did you know…

There really was a love story linked to this mysterious Saint…
Fact: There were hundreds of stories.

He was a renowned healer who performed miracle healings…
Fact: St Valentine was especially adept at curing this debilitating affliction that was mistakenly believed that a person was possessed by evil spirits.

He utilized a long distance healing technique from his prison cell that not only still works today, the knowledge of this powerful healing technique has been kept from “we the people” for well over a millennia…
Fact: Master Kirael will reveal exactly what St Valentine did during his long distance healings and how he did it.

There have been many men and women throughout history whose fame and reputation as master healers were legendary. As the chronicles were written, the prominence of healers and shamans gave way to celebrities whose influence over “we the people” was not related to the spirit of life, but instead, drew “we the people” to the excitement and exhilaration of the political area which also controlled the economics of the time.

Here are a few quotes from Master Guide Kirael in this session:

Beyond Agape - Love

“Somebody asked the medium before this program, What’s above agape love? He just smiled and said, “I’ll leave that to Master Kirael.” 
Master Kirael’s answer was, “I’m going to tell you what’s above agape. LOVE. You’ve got to hear it; that’s all there is, LOVE.”

St. Valentine and the Jailer's Dautghter

“He loved her and she loved him, and they both together knew that the only way that they’d heal things was through love.”

Breath - The Elixir of Life

“The breath is the elixir of everything we’re going to do on this world plane…. If you’re going to be a healer, you’ve got to learn to heal with your breath.”

The Sixth Sense is the Power

“What’s the sixth sense? The DNA? That’s right. The sixth sense is a power we all have. It becomes the ability to do long distance healing.”

How Long is Long Distance Healing?

“That’s how quick it can happen. [A snap of the fingers] You know how long long distance is? It is as long as it takes you to think to get there.”

Master Jesus' Connection

Is St. Valentine connected with Master Jesus? Yes he is

The Akashic Records

"These Akashic Records can fly out of you and away from you if it’s going to do something for you. They seem like a box of files or papers all stacked up, but that’s not what they are, these Akashic Records. They’re compatible with your love and light."

St. Valentine...A Miracle Healer? (MP3 files - 2 parts)

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St. Valentine: A Miracle Worker?

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