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  • The Amazing Superhighways of Your Brain: 90 Seconds to LIFE

Exciting new information about your brain is coming to light. There’s a new understanding of how emotions like anger travel the superhighways of your brain and body in 90 seconds. We know that we must take on a greater awareness and greater control of our right brain, left brain and omni brain interactions.

Now is the time to learn how to shift your thoughts and have a new impact on your life in 2009 in dealing with such things as anger, weight loss, lack of sleep, financial decisions, and even your sex life.

Here is a preview:

The world of science is now coming to a new and exciting awareness of an interaction that takes about 90 seconds to go through the limbic (emotional) system, starting from the brain and moving throughout the body. Anger, for example, can be started, hit the superhighways of the body and be flushed out of the body in 90 seconds.

How does this happen?

The brain is a powerful center of cellular consciousness. It’s the command center for all 70 trillion of your cells. It also receives information from the energetic body’s chakra system, especially from the heart, the lungs and the thymus gland. It’s as though everything winds up crossing over this thought center.

How we travel in loops in response to a special project

So intricately interwoven, yet still separated into two hemispheres, the “Left Brain” and that gorgeous “Right Brain” are not necessarily working on the same wave length. The “Right Brain” is constantly running a program of peace and harmony. In contrast, the “Left Brain,” or that which some like to call the “architect of reason,” in fact operates with the speed of light and goes immediately into the past, then just as quickly gets into the future, where it actually begins to make up its own end of the problem.

How to shift in the space-time continuum

You will learn, in a space-time continuum, how you can shift your thoughts and see different results in your life. Such issues as anger, weight loss, frustration, lack of sleep, your sex life, and financial decisions are discussed, as well as the stock market and our new President.

Here are the tracks contained on this valuable program:

  • Welcome/Intro (0:17)
  • Master Kirael’s Opening Statement (24:10)
  • Activating Brain Stem Cells (1:00)
  • Thinking with the Heart (1:45)
  • Multi-lingual Dreaming (4:49)
  • Be Here to Be Aware (4:33)
  • Exercising Your Brain (6:44)
  • Bearking Additions (5:29)
  • The Omni, Right and Local Brains (5:53)
  • Goddess Light: The Balancing Factor (5:18)
  • Right-Brain Wrapped (3:43)
  • Choices in Yin & Yang (6:28)
  • Tamp Down the Left Brain (4:49)
  • Master Kirael Closing Statement (1:09)

The Amazing Superhighways of Your Brain: 90 Seconds of Life (MP3 files - 2 parts)

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The Amazing Superhighways of Your Brain: 90 Seconds to LIFE

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