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  • The 4th DNA Strand of the Golden Hue

 The Ultimate Activation
We are learning through wisdom shared by Master Guide Kirael that what once was dismissed as "junk DNA" does play a key function in our current evolutionary development.  By activating the 4th DNA strand, the golden strand, we take the first steps into the 4th dimensional light. 

For those of us now merging into our first 4 strands of DNA, in essence, we can now leave behind the blueprint of moving from fear into love and activate that part of the blueprint so pure, where we simply move from love into light. The gold essence that becomes our aura signals this transformation.

For those of you who have had DNA activations over the years, even attaining 12 strands of DNA, you will finally be able to show the human world what you truly look like - all the more reason to be aware of this new energy called the 4th dimension!
Are you truly ready to leave the 3rd and enter into the 4th Light?
Here are the tracks contained on this valuable program:

  • Welcome/Intro (0:39)
  • Master Kirael's Opening Statement (18:17)
  • Weaving the Golden Strand (8:10)
  • Fear to Light in-Coming (7:27)
  • Mother Earth Shifting (5:17)
  • New DNA Activation (2:54)
  • Junk DNA and the New Blueprint (6:28)
  • Ten Principles and the New DNA (4:47)
  • Deactivating Splinters (6:10)
  • Healing a Cold (2:16)
  • Manifesting New Power (6:27)
  • Avatar in the 4th Light (3:45)
  • Closing Statement (1:39)
  • Closing Comments (2:50)

The 4th DNA Strand of the Golden Hue (MP3 files - 2 parts)

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The 4th DNA Strand of the Golden Hue

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