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  • Healing Through Our Cellular Consciousness

Healing Through Our Cellular Consciousness (MP3 files - 2 parts)


"Realize that when you return home to the Creator, your cellular consciousness is absorbed into the ball of light you become." ~ Master Guide Kirael


In this inspiring program, Master Guide Kirael, explains that communicating with the cellular consciousness is a key aspect of healing for our Great Shift in Consciousness. Connecting with the cellular consciousness enhances our movement from fear to love and from love to light while healing the Self and others. 


A wonderful healing meditation with Master Guide Kirael is also included in this program.


Topics in this recording include:

    • What is the definition of "cellular consciousness"?
    • Is the cellular consciousness only tied to the physical body?
    • Is cellular consciousness the same as cellular memory?
    • Regarding organ transplants, does the cellular consciousness of the donor remain in the transplanted organ?
    • How can you heal "phantom pain" experienced by someone who had an amputation?
    • What is the relationship between "awakening the chromosomes of youth and vitality" and the cellular consciousness?
    • What is the relationship between the cellular consciousness and DNA?
    • An explanation of cellular consciousness as it pertains to twins.
    • What is the journey leading from "I am who I am" to "Amen"?




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Healing Through Our Cellular Consciousness

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