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  • Meridians and Chakras for the Shifting Body

What Master Kirael says in this recording:

The body develops around the meridian force, which is the light body that you cannot see in this journey. The meridians never lose the continuity of the light. Master Jesus knew about them, St. Valentine, who was a miracle healer, knew about them, Xai Xi and Tang Wai Chu knew about them, but they couldn’t control them, because the meridians are fluid and vary a little for each person.

As we come to the realization that our beingness goes far beyond the human body, we enter into the non-physical domain of who we truly are. We enter into the realities beyond what is visible to the human eye. There we find ourselves in the realm of spirit, where sound and vibration make up our etheric body. The meridians and chakras are part of that subtle, shifting body of human. For you who seek cutting edge truths for the awakening soul, this recording is for you. Take the next step in your evolutionary destiny. This is the Great Shift in Consciousness – 2012, with Kahu Fred Sterling and Master Guide Kirael as your guides.

You will want to listen to this lively 4D IN-FOCUS mastery level Q & A session with Master Guide Kirael many times to discern the seven levels of truth and guidance in which he speaks.

A sampling of the IN-FOCUS questions for Master Guide Kirael:

  • Do meridians have different colors, vibrations or tones?
  • We’re becoming aware that much information from ancient civilizations has been hidden down through the ages. How does the meridian system relate to our shifting bodies?
  • What changes will there be to the present human meridian system for life in the 4th dimension?
  • How do the new chakras work with the meridians for healing?
  • Chakras spin clockwise when they are open and the Goddess Light energy moves in a counterclockwise motion. Why is this?

Meridians and Chakras for the Shifting Body (MP3 files - 2 parts)

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Meridians and Chakras for the Shifting Body

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