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  • A Reading From the Akashic Records

Q: How far back do the Akashic Records go? How old are they?

Kirael: These records can be accessed by any energy pattern that exudes the purity of love and intent that the information sought will not undermine or disrupt the life path of any evolving soul. Simply put, the records are more for those evolved entities who are closing out their existence in moving from one level to the next.

Often guides are asked to retrieve patterns from this source. Once a pattern is located, the Guide must determine whether this particular information will or will not disrupt an experience. Not many linear thought patterns get through this test. There are still more clearings to go through, so the next time you ask a Guide to unscramble a part of your experience by accessing the Akashic, don't be disappointed if you get less than you expect.

It is said that this record is the existence of time encapsulated into all thought that ever was or will be. To measure this essence in a linear fashion would be to date the God Energy Itself, which of course is not possible, for it was in this reality that time became existent.

Here are some highlights from this recording:

  • Welcome and Kahu’s Opening Prayer
  • Master Kirael’s Opening Statement
  • A Prayer for Israel and Lebanon
  • The Sound of You
  • The Whales and Dolphins of Arias
  • The Ant and Strands of Grass
  • Creation: Energy in Motion
  • Record 722634199 of the Goddess
  • The Cosmic Akashic Number
  • Child Self: Play!
  • Master Jesus and Albert Einstein
  • Kahu on His Travels of the Cosmic Akashics
  • A Message from Out There
  • Kahu’s Closing Remarks

A Reading From the Cosmic Akashic Records (MP3 files - 2 parts)

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A Reading From the Akashic Records

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