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  • A Celebration of Mediumship with Kahu Fred Sterling

Over the years, master medium Kahu Fred Sterling has been a conduit of light for many spiritual beings to visit the human world. In the presence of these enlightened beings, one moves beyond the five-sensory experience and enters into the realm of the sixth sense, where the veils of the material world dissipate and the energy of love flows freely.

Featured are:

The Raven, the shaman of shamans, who will share an eloquent story of peace and healing, passed down by his forefathers

Merlin, the wizard, who will enchant you with his truth essence through prose and visualization.

Mufa, Chancellor of Lemuria, who will provide a fascinating insight into his life and the amethyst crystal.

Leiahona, a descendant of the Hawaiian royal family, who insisted that a glass of sherry be available for the medium to sip during her visit to the material world. She will share her wisdom on masterminding.

Professor Kuran, a visitor from 2,000 years in the future, The Galactic Federation's archivist, who will reveal fascinating information about great shifts in other planetary systems, the pyramids in Iraq, and more.

Arnel, an endearing angel, who will touch yur heart with his messages for the one he is addressing as well as for all humanity.

  • Introduction and Prayer (5:42)
  • Raven: The World of the Shaman (20:49)
  • Merlin: The Truth of Abundance (13:37)
  • Mufa: His Lemurian Beginnings (9:51)
  • Mufa: Healing and Amethysts (5:16)
  • Leiahona: Masterminding Abundance (14:30)
  • Professor Kuran: From the Future (10:50)
  • Professor Kuran: Bleeped (8:12)
  • Arnel: Angelic Connections (15:40)
  • Kahu: On Mediumship (4:09)
  • Kahu: A Better Place (2:04)
  • Kahu: From the Heart (3:53)
  • Kahu: Let It Out (4:32)
  • Kahu: On to New Healing Spaces (1:14)
  • Closing Statement (1:39)

A Celebration of Mediumship with Kahu Fred Sterling (MP3 files - 2 parts)

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A Celebration of Mediumship with Kahu Fred Sterling

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