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  • I, Kirael: Volume 1

"What is mediumship? What is channeling? I would like to take the mysticism out of processes such as this."

With these words Kirael, a seventh-dimensional pattern of light, begins an engaging narrative of his journey as a non-physical entity here on the Earth plane during these tumultuous times.

I, Kirael: Volume 1

Through the mediumship of Rev. Fred Sterling, Council Master Kirael participates in the very first in a series of interviews that brings forth a uniquely personal perspective of the relationship of the guidance realm to the inhabitants of Mother Earth.

Here’s a sampling of some of the intriguing topics covered in this audio recording:

  • Who is Kirael? Where is he from and what is it like there? Discover some surprising facts about Kirael’s own evolutionary journey and the origin of the name Ki-ra-el.
  • What is a transmedium and can anyone channel? What was the ancient prophesy that conjoined the destinies of Fred Sterling and Kirael.
  • Why did Kirael choose Hawaii as his base? Why did he chose the West and not the East or Middle East, the historical cradles of spirituality.
  • Why does Kirael refer to himself as the "Guardian of Evolution" and the "King of Angels?"
  • What is Kirael’s relationship to the Creator and other light forces? Find out the meaning of his assertion that "My pattern is non-ending and non-beginning."
  • Learn Kirael’s perspective on the oneness of humanity with non-physical light: "We all but patterns of light vibrating at different levels."

You will discover that of all the wonderful energy patterns currently being channeled by mediums around the world, Kirael is absolutely unique.

Throughout this series, you’ll discover Kirael’s intentions in adopting a personality, and what makes him so different from all other non-physical beings sent to the Earth plane to guide her inhabitants.

So find a comfortable spot to settle in. You’re invited to a lingering glimpse into the life of a wise and loving master guide, who has come to the Earth plane to convey the message of the Great Shift in consciousness and to aid humanity in its evolutionary quest to experience ascension.

I, Kirael: Volume 1 MP3 File (MP3 files - 2 parts)

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I, Kirael: Volume 1

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