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  • The 7 Phases of the Great Shift in YOU!

In your physical world, doesn’t it sometimes appear that you are simply going down the wrong path? As for the emotional journey, doesn’t it seem like somebody else’s expedition? Does your mental weave have gaping holes where it once seemed impenetrable? Isn’t it interesting how your perceptions of your spiritual life are coming into a dramatic new weave of understanding?

Maybe it’s time to look in a direction where few have gone before. Why not go down the rabbit hole and see where a dimensional being named Kirael will take us? After all, how many times has he been wrong?

Here are the tracks contained on this valuable recording:

  • Welcome & Kahu’s Prayer (2:36)
  • Master Guide Kirael’s Opening Statement (22:24)
  • Phases and Levels (9:26)
  • Weaving the Phases (7:22)
  • Your Color (3:45)
  • Changing Phases in a Day (3:30)
  • What is Phasing? (5:26)
  • Menopause – A Shift at Center (6:51)
  • Free Will Out of the Box (6:23)
  • Safe in the Stock Market (4:22)
  • Centered in a Phases (4:32)
  • Closing Statement (2:14)

The 7 Phases of the Great Shift in You (MP3 files - 2 parts)

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The 7 Phases of the Great Shift in YOU!

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