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  • The Christ in “I”: A Step Into the Fourth Dimension

What if, in the first moments of awakening, we were to focus on the face of Christ, and it was not as we had imagined? We would witness not only his physical features, of which we have no true rendition, but we would witness so much more. We would witness and experience the grandness of his Light.

The "I" of Kirael will unfold mystic particles of light that will cause many of you to reach beyond what you trust so that you may experience the profound knowledge of who you are. You will be impassioned to go past the mask of the ego into the Christ Consciousness.

The Christ Light is brought forth so dynamically to speak to the "I" of those listening that you will sense this powerful Light in the Now. Take advantage of this rare opportunity to assimilate this all-loving Light in preparation for the shift into the energy of the All That Is. This is but one step into the fourth dimension and beyond.

The Christ in "I" (MP3 files - 2 parts)

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The Christ in “I”: A Step Into the Fourth Dimension

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