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  • The Three New Chakras:  Awaken Your Knowing into the Fourth Light

Are you aware of the three new chakras? Are you experiencing any "symptoms" of releasing the old chakras?

The three new chadras are awakening at different stages in everyone. Here are some signs to show how far you've advanced in your awakening in this Great Shift.

- Clue: If you've already forgotten about the conversation you had less than a few moments ago, this is a clue to the developmental stage.

- Colors: If you are seeing colors that are truly changed from how you remember them the last time you saw them, or if you're seeing the sky coloring with a slight green thint that most people can't see, the new chakras may already be weaving with your four bodies.

For many of you, it is time to start learning to break in some of your talents. Just simply allow yourself to see, and within a shofrt period of time, you'll recognize the new truth colors clearly. This is likely to be one of the most spectacular awakenings thus far on your journey from this experience called the third dimension.

Here are the tracks contained on this valuable recording:

  • Welcome (0:31)
  • Master Kirael’s Opening Statement: Changes in the Brain (5:56)
  • The Three New Chakras (5:05)
  • Speak Truth, Hear Truth (4:41)
  • Changes in All Four Bodies (3:54)
  • More DNA Strands (5:32)
  • Auras and Chakras (4:44)
  • Where are They? (3:04)
  • Your Conscious Presence(3:47)
  • Sensing the New Chakras (5:05)
  • Alignment With Sacred Sites (3:29)
  • Mindboggling New Levels (3:45)
  • Why You Wake Up Every Day (4:05)
  • The Journey Is in the Brain (4:11)
  • Splinter and Aspect Downloads (4:22)
  • The Dr. Journey (3:28)
  • Knowing Truth: Loving Self (5:56)
  • A Feeling of Freedom (2:28)
  • Master Kirael’s Closing Statement: You Are in Control (1:01)

The Three New Chakras (MP3 files - 2 parts)

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The Three New Chakras: Awaken Your Knowing into the Fourth Light

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