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  • The World in the Post-Shift: Portal Workers

Are you IN or OUT?

What's your journey after the Shift?

As our Earth is projected into the fourth dimension, there will be a need for "portal workers" to help humanity make the transition and adjust.

  • External Portal Workers will provide direction for those who don't know what is happening.
  • Internal Portal Workers will be teachers.
  • Council positions: Who will fill them?

Master Kirael has said that "most of the exterior workers are of the warrior class. Those inside are of the teacher class." Whether you are "in" or "out," there are not only certain duties you will have, but you will be presented with information on what it takes to do them.

Much like ancient Lemuria, we are told, councils will rule the energies because much of the old system will be demolished during the first shifting.

How can we prepare now? Like anything else, you will choose how you experience this Great Shift in Consciousness and it will be done at perhaps unexpected spaces in time.

Do we just sit and wait or do we start thinking of ways to approach this point? For many of you, it is time to start learning to break in some of your talents.

Listen to Master Guide Kirael and his medium, Kahu Fred Sterling as they continue this valuable training to awaken your knowing into the fourth Light.

Here are the tracks contained on this valuable recording:

  • Master Kirael’s Opening Statement: In-Lightened Journey (16:07)
  • Portals (7:32)
  • Practice Telepathy Now (4:34)
  • Council of Goddess Lights (3:15)
  • Roles of Channels and Mediums (3:48)
  • A Scientist Now and Then (3:48)
  • Outside Portal Workers (4:14)
  • Andromedan Shift (3:56)
  • Kitty Cats and Puppy Dogs (2:55)
  • Get to the Truth Now (3:41)
  • Triggers of the Heart (2:38)
  • Do It Right Now (4:00)
  • Healers to Inside Council Worker (2:55)
  • Councils (2:20)
  • Communicating with Children (3:54)
  • An Inner-Outer Portal Worker (2:31)
  • Where's Master Kirael? (1:06)
  • Changes in Cellular Consciousness (3:36)
  • Master Kirael’s Closing Statement: Who's Going to Make It? (2:08)

The World in the Post Shift: Portal Workers (MP3 files - 2 parts)

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The World in the Post-Shift: Portal Workers

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