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  • Children of the Great Shift: They are the Complete Spiritual Package

With all this talk recently about Shift children and how they will affect this time in history, it is a wonder why more hasn't been said about them. Perhaps they want it that way. There are others referred to as "Indigo" and "Crystal" children; yet if it were left to these children, they would avoid such labels.

So-called Shift children are the complete spiritual package. In truth, they cannot be defined. Shift babies began coming into this realm around 1982. Their personalities were Shift-oriented. Hence, they broke the mold of the average newborn and came into this world with only a miniature veil attached to their personalities. Soon, even that veil dissipated and they awakened to their purpose. They are aware of what is going on in the world and are bringing their personalities to bear on the rest of us.

As Master Kirael tells the story of the Shift babies, see if you can identify these magical children. If you know someone who is graduating from college with no real goal in mind, yet is certain he or she will be successful, you are probably looking at a Shift-child personality. If you know someone who is secure living at home and contributing to the household with such love that his parents are happy to let him stay forever, you are probably looking at a Shift-personality. If you know a young person who is working at a job, silently waiting for the older generation to get out of his way, you are probably looking at a Shift child.

The so-called Crystal children are teachers; yet they will teach with a new, innovative and different agenda. They will know how to work with children like themselves. The so-called Indigo children are the warriors of the light. They are calling for change in profound and moving ways, with their voices and through their paintings and writings.

Listen to Master Guide Kirael and his medium, Kahu Fred Sterling as they tell us who these Shift children are, where they are, and when they will make themselves known to the world.

Here are the tracks contained on this enlightening recording:

  • Master Kirael’s Welcome - Opening Statement (4:30)
  • Operating at Different Levels (6:23)
  • Young Adults: Some Advice (3:42)
  • Truth and the Third Eye (5:16)
  • Listening at Heart Level (4:56)
  • Shift Parents, Shift Kids (3:52)
  • Active Omni Brains (2:13)
  • Channeling Higher Awareness (4:38)
  • Higher Operating Brain Capacity (7:18)
  • Natural Healers (4:58)
  • Tips for Baby Boomers (8:03)
  • Self-Programming Their Genes (5:24)
  • Playtime in the 3rd Dimension (4:31)
  • Their Philosophy (2:13)
  • Multi-Leveled Communications (4:19)
  • Master Kirael’s Closing Statement (2:14)

Children of the Great Shift (MP3 files - 2 parts)

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Children of the Great Shift: They are the Complete Spiritual Package

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