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  • Three Days of Darkness

In Kirael: The Great Shift, Master Guide Kirael speaks at length on the three days of darkness. “When will this take place?” is the first question most people ask. As planetary changes appear to be accelerating, this is an opportune time for Master Guide Kirael to reveal more on this pivotal period in the Shift, the three days of darkness.

Is this physical phenomenon a necessary component of the Great Shift in Consciousness and why?

Will it last precisely three days and what should we expect on day 1… day 2… day 3?

Will there be a sign or just a happening?

Will I be in an awakened or in a sleep state during this time?

What does my world look like when it’s over and will there be some left behind? If so, what happens then?

Will the Earth shift its poles?

This shift sounds a little bumpy, so how do I prepare?

To gain a clearer perspective, check out Chapter 8, “The Three Days of Darkness,” in Kirael: The Great Shift Revised Edition. It just may ease your mind.

Here are the tracks contained on this valuable recording:

  • Welcome/Intro (0:32)
  • Master Kirael’s Opening Statement (8:01)
  • Four Horsemen, Four Bodies (2:39)
  • The Journey of the Sun (3:12)
  • From the Fourth Into the Third (4:32)
  • 90-Second Window Into Love (2:48)
  • Galactic Landing (2:14)
  • Lemurian Love (4:28)
  • The Kiwaneo (5:06)
  • So Close to Love (4:04)
  • Portals Post-Shift (6:02)
  • Families, Commerce, Education (5:09)
  • The Chirst Particle (2:46)
  • Dealing with Friends (4:09)
  • Personal 3 Days of Darkness (3:28)
  • It Takes Four Bodies (1:15)
  • 90 seconds That Last a Day (5:47)
  • The X Chromosome (3:39)
  • Plastic vs Cotton (2:12)
  • The Graffiti of the Worlds (3:11)
  • 12/12/2012 (2:20)

The Three Days of Darkness for Planet Earth (MP3 files - 2 parts)

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Three Days of Darkness

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