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  • Denjé, the Forerunner of Feng Shui

Did you know that what we know currently as feng shui can be traced beyond ancient spiritual times to a more comprehensive art known as Denjé?

Denjé applies the techniques of feng shui to all four bodies of the self – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual – to achieve a state of absolute balance and to help you access your highest power.

Over the ages, this total wisdom was diluted into what came to be known as feng shui, a balancing of the environment only. Now Denjé is being brought forth once more and we are honored to share it with you.

Discover how to weave each of your four bodies independently. Denjé can be a powerful force in your life and can help you achieve an unprecedented state of balance.

Here are the tracks contained on this valuable recording:

  • Welcome & Kahu’s Prayer (1:59)
  • Master Guide Kirael’s Opening Statement (29:57)
  • God Is – Love Is (4:12)
  • Beyond Ego (3:46)
  • The Denjè Sigil (3:20)
  • Denjè in Signature Cell Healing (4:07)
  • The Golden Light of Denjè (2:18)
  • Visions and Dreams (4:28)
  • No Coincidences (4:00)
  • Truth in Denjè (3:46)
  • Moving To and Fro (4:34)
  • Consciously Creating with Denjè (4:08)
  • Feeling Good (2:21)
  • Closing Statement (1:37)

Denje: The Forerunner of Feng Shui (MP3 files - 2 parts)

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Denjé, the Forerunner of Feng Shui

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