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  • Elven: Architectonic Guides of the Great Shift

From this spectacular event, a special moment was
captured just for you to feel Master Guide Kirael's essence.

Did you know?

  • The Elvens are the closest thing to the Creator’s Light with a physical body presence.
  • The Elven world is based on the world of the Magi, the True Magi.
  • After the Alexandrian library burned the first time, 95% of the remaining material in the library
  • was Elven knowledge that was passed on to the human world.
  • They are much taller than we are and their beauty is unmatched, as they are created in perfection.
  • Imhotep was Elven! What about Master Jesus, Albert Einstein, and more?

Why are they here?

“When the Elvens came into this dimension and settled in Lemuria over fifty thousand years ago, they came to be of service to the human race. At the request of the Creator, they have come to prepare Earth for the human journey.

Why are they watching us?

They are watching us because throughout the millennia, we are the very first beings to be awakened to the shifting process in bodied since the Elvens did this thousands of years ago. This is the reason that we are the center of attention at this time is cosmic history.

Here are a few quotes from Master Guide Kirael in this session:

Who are the Elvens?

“Somebody asked the medium before this program, What’s above agape love? He just smiled and said, “I’ll leave that to Master Kirael.” 
Master Kirael’s answer was, “I’m going to tell you what’s above agape. LOVE. You’ve got to hear it; that’s all there is, LOVE.”

Japan's Future

“Japan is going to get a number of Magi-Warrior-Healers, and they are going to be so humbled and so grateful to be partaking of this whole journey.”

Your Elven Heritage

"In your so-called junk DNA, you’ve got an activation that makes you aware of your Elven heritage, if you’ve got an Elven heritage. And the chances of your not having Elven heritage is slim to none."

The Architectonics of Their Journey

"They will be there to assist you, because you’ve got to lighten up the other two strands [of DNA.] You’ll go to four-stranded DNA, and it’s going to have to be tagged onto by someone as powerful as God Creator…. The architectonics of their journey is to awaken your two other strands of DNA."

A New Form of Christ

"You’ve got a Christ Consciousness for this Earth plane. When you go to the 4th Light, it’s not Christ any longer. It’s going to be a form of Christ."

Australia One Million Years Ago

"I was here over one million years ago, when Australia was four continents or four islands."

The Earth is Old and Haggard

"The Earth plane is old and haggard, and it’s going to get refreshed and it’s going to get blossoming. It’s only got a couple of million years left."

When You Know What Love Is

"They will partner with you and they will give you some of your knowledge. When you know what love is, you’ll know an Elven told you so."

Elvens: Architectonic Guides of the Great Shift (MP3 files - 2 parts)

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Elven: Architectonic Guides of the Great Shift

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