Facilitated by Karinna Nielsen
Signature Cell Healing Lead Facilitator


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“The workshop gives good basics with an overview of Signature Cell Healing. It gave me an opening to a new road, a new way of doing things, new knowledge.”
~Olga in the Netherlands


Signature Cell Healing Level 1 Workshop

Healing Starts with You!

During these unprecedented times, how can we take care of ourselves and others and move beyond our fears?  What are the ways to be centered in love even as life all around us seems to be changing at lightning speed?

Fortunately, we have the Signature Cell Healing tools and techniques of self-healing to help us now when we need it more than ever. Discover the self-healing practices of this ancient Lemurian healing modality, brought forth by founder, Kahu Fred Sterling and expand your practices of self-care so you can also be there for your family and others in need.

During two-and-a-half days of instruction, Karinna Nielsen, lead facilitator of the Signature Cell Healing workshops, will guide you through Signature Cell Healing self-healing techniques, including the 5 Breath Self-Healing Meditation, Lemurian Numerology, the Ten Principles of Consciously Creating, guided meditations; and discover the 9 Healing Codes for Signature Cell Healing.

You will be empowered to facilitate the healing of family and friends through practicing vital and timely hands-on healing techniques that include…

  • The groundbreaking Ear Umbrella Technique for enhanced immunity, healing allergies, sinusitis, headaches and more.
  • The full-body Vagus Nerve Technique, connecting the healing light to every major organ in the body through the parasympathetic nervous system, working with digestive issues, migraines, fibromyalgia, depression and much more.
  • Boosting the T-Cells and T-Cell receptors in the thymus that seek out and heal viral anomalies in the body.
  • Activating the B-Cells in the bone marrow to promote a stronger immune response.
  • Discovering the miracles of healing others with directed prana breathing and the 5 Breath Self-Healing meditation.
  • Energizing the lymphatic system to regulate fluids, fight infection and bring greater immune strength and resilience.
  • Developing your intuitive sense and listening to the cells of the body to guide you in the
    healing process

This is the perfect workshop for anyone interested in sharing healing with others, maintaining overall health and vitality and making healing a way of life. Each graduate will receive a Signature Cell Healing® International Level 1 Certificate of Completion.

Register now and experience the healing possibilities of a collective consciousness in the space of love that is created in this Signature Cell Healing workshop!

Awaken your cellular consciousness of 70 trillion cells and discover what self-healing means for you on all four bodies—physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.  Please join us!


Self Healing Resource Bundle short 300x230 - Signature Cell Healing Level 1 WorkshopIf you have not already purchased it, we will provide the Signature Cell Healing Self-Healing Resorce Bundle as workshop study materials. The Signature Cell Healing Self-Healing Resource Bundle contains eBooks, videos & MP3s.

Participants will also receive a Level 1 Student Manual in pdf.

After registration, you will receive further instructions.


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Friday: 6pm – 9pm

Saturday & Sunday: 9am – 5pm

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Karinna vert 225x300 - Signature Cell Healing Level 1 Workshop Karinna Nielsen is a certified Signature Cell Healing practitioner, teacher and lead facilitator of the Signature Cell Healing workshops and online webinars. For over 25 years, Karinna has been on a journey of love, awakening and service to Mother Earth and our great shift in consciousness in her studies and work with founder and master healer, Kahu Fred Sterling. She is a spiritual channel, Lemurian Goddess healer and passionate purveyor of ancient Lemurian wisdom through monthly webinars, workshops, personal readings and healing sessions. Channelings by Karinna are published regularly in the Sedona Journal of Emergence.

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