My Mom’s Healing

By Karinna Nielsen, Signature Cell Healing, Lead Workshop Facilitator

Karinna and Mom HealingOne day, my mom, who had barely been sick a day in her 80-plus years, sat me down to say that the doctors had found a cancerous tumor on the left side of her pelvis. She had recently “survived” the emotional stress and upheaval of moving from a home she had lived in with my dad for 44 years. They had just moved into a smaller house in a retirement community, and now she was telling me that she had cancer.

“Maybe this is the end of my journey,” she said to me, with a clarity in her eyes that astounded me. “Maybe it is,” I said, “but I’ll walk with you, Mom. If you want to do Signature Cell Healings with whatever treatments you choose, I’ll do that with you.” So, we began the journey of healing.

The Awakening of a Miracle in a Signature Cell Healing Workshop

By Leanne C., Signature Cell Healer, Redland Bay, Australia

LeAnne Chrisopoulos Healing StoryBefore attending my first Signature Cell Healing course, I had been suffering with my health to different degrees for sixteen years. I lived in pain and looked anorexic. I was unable to work because I felt exhausted all of the time. Every cell in my body hurt all of the time, and if I did anything physical, the pain increased. I was unable to get any help from doctors as they would only treat me for depression.

I also had skin problems, my hair was falling out, and it would take me an hour get my energy back after taking a shower. I had anxiety attacks at the slightest challenge, and when in confrontational situations, I was unable to express myself and would just cry. I was emotionally sensitive and had trouble socializing with other people in a positive way.

A Mastery Stroke of Healing

By Kahu Fred Sterling

Kahu BookEvery event, no matter how small or how big, can be seen from a number of different perspectives. Each perspective helps us to understand the complete picture, and hearing these perspectives helps us understand the journey that much more. I do not remember much from the night that I encountered the possibility of going home to Creator, but I share with you here the things that remain in memory. My story is followed by the perspective of Master Kirael, who helps to provide a deeper understanding of what transpired and why.