D. Arthur

Since taking the workshop in Las Vegas, I have been looking for opportunities to practice Signature Cell Healing. I heard that my neighbor was in the hospital in a medically induced coma after suffering a brain anyuersym. The doctors did not expect a good outcome and they were going to keep her in the coma for about three weeks. Ginny is a kind soul and the guardian of her two grand kids who are still in grade school.

I sat down that night and did my first long-distance Signature Cell Healing. I saw her in the hospital room, but she was above her body looking down. I told her I was going to help and let’s heal together. I went through the steps of Signature Cell Healing I had just learned.

Afterwards, I told my boyfriend that if Ginny decides to be a miracle and heal, only he and I will know what really happened. The next day, my boyfriend told me, “Ginny woke from the coma on her own, was aware and feeling feisty!” The doctors have no answers for what has happened.  I do.

A couple of weeks later, Ginny’s was experiencing more problems with fluid in her lungs and was also not able to walk. I gave her another long distance healing. Two days later, her family told me the CAT scan on her brain was CLEAN  and her lungs had cleared. She has been released from the hospital and is now in a rehab center gaining strength so she can walk on her own. I am so happy for her!

Thank you, Kahu Fred for sharing the gift of Signature Cell Healing for all who desire to learn and experience healing.