Kahu Fred Sterling

Kahu Fred Founder Med 254x300 - The FounderKahu* Fred Sterling, founder of Signature Cell Healing, master healer, master medium, presenter, author and shaman of Native American ancestry, walking between the third-dimensional world of human and the boundless realms of spirit, released from his physical body on November 11, 2022 to coninue his guiding light for our Great Shift from the etheric realms.

For more than 35 years, Kahu Fred was the exclusive medium for Master Guide Kirael, a seventh-dimensional guardian spirit, bringing forth timeless wisdom in the highest light of love and truth. Some people likened him to Edgar Cayce, a twentieth-century medical clairvoyant who became prolific in giving messages on holistic healing while in a trance-like state. Kahu Fred’s relationship with the wise and loving Kirael has touched and healed the lives of untold thousands across the globe.

Preferring to be called simply “Kahu,” the scope of his work includes the pioneering and teaching of Signature Cell Healing®, a powerful evolutionary self-healing modality with established healing centers and thousands of practitioners around the world. With Master Guide Kirael, he authored six books of profound wisdom and insight, available in multiple languages and sold internationally.

As founder and senior minister of the Honolulu Church of Light, a spiritualist church in Honolulu, Hawaii, Kahu lead the Sunday Services and facilitated the long-distance healing sessions for a global online church community. He was dedicated to creating world peace through healing and to the core belief of “Heal Yourself, Heal the World.”

Appearing in cities worldwide, Kahu touched the lives of untold thousands as he passionately delivered the message that peace lies within. He truly and fully embraced his motto, “Everything can be healed in love.”  His live programs are available on countless audio and video recordings covering vast spiritual topics.

Kahu Maste Healer - The Founder

In 2006, Kahu survived a major stroke and near-death experience in what has been described as a miracle of love and self-healing, using his own modality, Signature Cell Healing. Beginning with healing himself while in ICU in the hospital, initiating prana breathing in the golden particles of light then implementing the practices of Signature Cell Healing in ensuing healing sessions, Kahu became perhaps the most profound self-healing story of his own healing modality.

In his ever-evolving, self-healing journey after his stroke, Kahu has created new Signature Cell Healing sequences and techniques, including the 5 Breath Self-Healing Meditation. This evolution of Signature Cell Healing teaches evolving people to raise their conscious awareness and to navigate the challenges of these shifting times.

Throughout it all, Kahu Fred Sterling remained humble, relishing his role as “messenger,” but stresses the importance of the message, not the messenger. “My whole journey in life,” he said, “is to let people see that options are available and to remind them not to get caught up in fear or to fall prey to the ‘doom and gloom.’ I want people to find the beauty and light within, to use it to heal themselves and age their souls. Everything can be healed in love.”

*Kahu is a Hawaiian word that equates to “spiritual leader.”