Ancient Wisdom from Lemuria

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The Ten Principles of Consciously Creating are profound understandings of ancient Lemurian wisdom which have been reintroduced to the modern world by Kahu Fred Sterling and his spirit guide, Master Guide Kirael, the Guardian for our Great Shift. The Ten Principles were the foundation for the evolutionary society of Lemuria and the basis for the Creator’s awareness of being evolutionary and in love.

Ancient Lemurian Wisdom for Times Like These

In our world today, the Ten Principles of Consciously Creating are powerful tools of awakening that, when studied and practiced, assist us in expanding our brain capacity, increasing our DNA strands and consciously creating the life we truly desire. These Principles have been reintroduced at this time of the Great Shift in Consciousness to assist all of humanity to shift into a collective consciousness of love and into the next dimensional light. Each Principle is a key to unlocking higher levels of conscious awareness and tapping into our own innate powers of creation. We become the Conscious Creators that we came here to be.

The Ten Principles of Consciously Creating

1. Truth: Truth is the essence of Love from which all reality extends and the basis of our light on Earth. The integrity of thought, word and deed that creates the freedom to be who we truly are. Truth is the foundation of the other nine Principles.

2. Trust: Trust is an inner knowing which comes from the Truth that we are all part of the Creator and connected to all levels of reality. The understanding that everything in our lives unfolds in perfection.

3. Passion: Passion is the core energy by which we feel the presence of our own Creator light. Passion is the realization that we are limitless beings of light and if is the force that allows our life journeys to continually evolve.

4. Clarity: In its simplest form, Clarity is the acknowledgement that our physical self is part of a greater, non-physical power. Clarity has the power to eliminate chaos and dissolve fears.

5. Communication: Communication is the exchange of energies and information between humans, between our physical self and our higher self, and between ourselves and the unseen forces of light.

6. Completion: Completion is the knowing that the conclusion of an experience, a process or a journey exists on multiple levels of understanding and opens to the beginning of a new experience, process or journey.

7. Prayer: Prayer is the communication between our human self and our higher self, the Creator, and other unseen forces of light. It is an opportunity for us to define the life journey that we truly desire.

8. Meditation: Meditation is the practice of quieting your mind so that we are able to consciously receive information, wisdom and guidance. In the words of Master Guide Kirael, “Prayer is the asking; meditation is the hearing of the answers to your prayers.”

9. Sleepstate Programming: Sleepstate Programming is the practice of enlisting our own higher self to contact and communicate with the higher self of another during the sleep state.

10. Masterminding: Masterminding is the act of creating a collective consciousness focused on manifesting a particular experience or outcome. This collective consciousness can be comprised of physical humans, higher selves, angels, guides and other unseen forces of light.

These principles are magically interrelated in many ways. Here is the most basic grouping:

“The Three Keys” ~ Truth, Trust and Passion:

These first three principles are at the root of all the others and anchor the love of the Creator within the Self. They are the foundation upon which the spirit self prepares for an evolutionary human journey. These are the keys to increasing your conscious awareness.

“The Three Commitments” ~ Clarity, Communication and Completion:

These three principles are essentially the experience of being human. They guide our thoughts and actions in our daily lives and determine our quality of experiencing any act of creation. In any act of creation, they determine the depth and quality of our experience.

“The Four Pillars” ~ Prayer, Meditation, Sleepstate Programming and Masterminding

These four principles help you to transcend the illusionary limits of being human. They are practical tools for creating in a conscious manner and allow you to work etherically to manifest your dreams and heartfelt desires in your life. Remember: you are not a human having a spiritual experience; you are a multi-dimensional free spirit having a human experience!

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