My two-month-old son had a big hematoma on the left side of his head that took up half of the left side of his head. The midwife measured it to be about eight by eight centimeters. The pediatrician said that it would take about two months for it to go away. About six days ago, I took my son to see a healer, who was trained in Signature Cell Healing. She worked on him, and it’s almost gone. We couldn’t believe it.

Jean Chuang Menges

Thank you for a great presentation! I especially value the acquired knowledge that could be easily applied right after the class. In my experiences with other workshop events, the info was too vague to start practicing. Thus, I am very grateful to you for making it very instructional and easy to follow for your Level 1 students! I look forward to Level 2!

Ana in Hawaii

Thank you, thank you, thank you for bringing the Signature Cell Healing course to Phoenix. As two people eager to learn and connect with Spirit, we took this course thinking if we can improve and heal ourselves in any little way… We had no comprehension at that time of the magnitude of love and healing we would experience. No words! We are forever changed.

Cheryl Conway

Since taking the workshop in Las Vegas, I have been looking for opportunities to practice Signature Cell Healing. I heard that my neighbor was in the hospital in a medically induced coma after suffering a brain anyuersym. The doctors did not expect a good outcome and they were going to keep her in the coma for about three weeks. Ginny is a kind soul and the guardian of her two grand kids who are still in grade school.

I sat down that night and did my first long-distance Signature Cell Healing. I saw her in the hospital room, but she was above her body looking down. I told her I was going to help and let’s heal together. I went through the steps of Signature Cell Healing I had just learned.

Afterwards, I told my boyfriend that if Ginny decides to be a miracle and heal, only he and I will know what really happened. The next day, my boyfriend told me, “Ginny woke from the coma on her own, was aware and feeling feisty!” The doctors have no answers for what has happened.  I do.

A couple of weeks later, Ginny’s was experiencing more problems with fluid in her lungs and was also not able to walk. I gave her another long distance healing. Two days later, her family told me the CAT scan on her brain was CLEAN  and her lungs had cleared. She has been released from the hospital and is now in a rehab center gaining strength so she can walk on her own. I am so happy for her!

Thank you, Kahu Fred for sharing the gift of Signature Cell Healing for all who desire to learn and experience healing.


D. Arthur

As a client, I’ve benefited from many Signature Cell Healing sessions, and I am excited and deeply grateful to welcome Kahu, Master Kirael, SCH & the workshop team to Sydney. In Signature Cell Healing I feel qualities of purity, integrity, grace and simplicity. After each session, I’ve felt enhanced. I’m so looking forward to this workshop, knowing it will significantly add to my “toolbox” and lift my spirit.

Kerry Keogh

The Signature Cell Healing workshop–in healing with the Golden Life/Light energy, through the four energy bodies and into the T-Cells and Stem Cell activations –have given me the added confidence to communicate more fully with my clients and students. I am now able to share with others in added clarity and additional scientific/medical terminology to back up the nature of this incredibly natural process. I do not know if I would have intuited such a vast amount of wisdom as this on my own. Brother Kahu Fred is a Shaman of Shamans, indeed. And, Signature Cell Healing is a blessing for all.

Little Fox - The Peaceful One
Shamanic Healer of Native Descent, Founder @ Family Gathering International, Star Wisdom Keeper

There are more aspects to Signature Cell Healing than I ever dreamed possible. The course was a profound experience–surpassing my expectations. Each day brought expanded information and deeper understanding. It truly does encompass all four levels—physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Kahu Fred Sterling is an excellent teacher in all respects. His depth of knowledge, life experiences, passion, and the over-lighting of Master Guide Kirael make him so. I feel very fortunate to have learned this healing modality and will confidently use it to facilitate healing for all who wish to receive it. THANK YOU Kahu!

Marilyn Jack

The trip to Lemuria and the Signature Cell Healing workshop was absolutely magical for me. The changes are profound… Guidance flows easier now. It is easier for me to love through my fear veils and just hold light, like myself and people and trees and animals, in a more limitless love than I was capable of before. I very much look forward to Level 2!

Nathan Stewart

We’d love to hear from you! If you would like to see Signature Cell Healing workshops in your area, or if you are interested in hosting a workshop, please contact us!

Signature Cell Healing International
Workshop Team

I have had thyroid issues and have been severely over-weight for some time, but since I started using the 5 Breath Self-Healing Meditation, my thyroid is happy and I am losing weight!  The way I can explain it is if you don’t put new oil in your car, the engine will break down, and doing the 5-Breath Self-Healing Meditation put new energy in me for my thyroid. It began working again and it’s happy!

Dr. Brie
Tacoma, WA

During this time of the great shift in consciousness, I have realized that we need to work harder on ourselves through self-healing. Healing ourselves first is the most important thing we need to do. I took the workshop from Karinna Nielsen last weekend and I highly recommend it.

~Dr. Brie in Washington State

Great information and practical. Karinna’s beautiful energy made three days feel like one and I was left wanting more. It just left me believing that there are no boundaries and no limits.

~Cecilia in Mexico City

I was surprised that after nine years of practicing Signature Cell Healing, I still find new information and knowledge in these workshops. I’m glad that I took part in this latest course.

~Nadia in Australia

I have been following Karinna’s work and Signature Cell Healing through social media, so when the opportunity for this course arose, I had to jump in. It felt as if I was refreshing what I have learned in Reiki, but probably, it was more aligned to what I have always felt in my soul: a connection to Lemuria. I can’t wait for the next workshop to continue to deepen my knowledge and my ability in self-healing so I am able to help others too.

~Pam in the United Kingdom

I am very happy that I took your workshop. You taught me well and I got more confident. Thank you for encouraging us! I gained confidence after taking your lessons and my heart feels at ease.

~Halu in Okinawa, Japan

Thanks for a wonderful workshop and the experiences. It was helpful to learn that my Lemurian birth number was a 3–-the Trinity. That really explains why I work from Love, Truth, Trust and Passion in all that I do!  Thank you for sharing your gifts with us and helping us to see our gifts as well as the best ways to use them daily in our lives.

~Kat in California

Thank you for a great workshop! I especially value the acquired knowledge that could easily be applied right after the class. In my experiences with other workshop events, the info was too vague to start practicing. Thus, I am very grateful to you for making it very instructional and easy to follow. I look forward to the Level 2 workshop!

~Ana in Honolulu

The workshop gives good basics with an overview of Signature Cell Healing with access to the eBooks and other digital study materials included in the tuition. It gave me an opening to a new road, a new way of doing things, new knowledge.

~Olga in the Netherlands